Subj: Mono-Grass needs more of a makeover. (Alliterative?)
Date: 3/27/00 7:14:16 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Jonathan Cho)

First off, I want to tell you how organised you are. ...VERY!

The fact is, I haven't looked at every other mechanic's way of fixing up
decks, but so far you have the BEST and most UNDERSTANDABLE deck fixes I've
seen. The story fixes are GREAT, and although I'm about 11 years younger
than you are, you're really pretty >;).

Well... Thank you! I've put a lot of time and energy into finding a deck garage style that works for me, and is comparable with the style and theme that Pojo has developed for I think it works, don't you?

If not stalling a Raindance or any other Pkmn Power based deck, I'm an all-out offensive Mono-Grass. And I'm not directing the meaning of "Offensive" to that of rude ;). I was a little surprised at myself when I saw the three oaks for the first time, wondering whether I had actually built this deck. ...Until I remembered that my COUSIN built the deck, and the three oaks had been another deck MECHANIC's idea. I love status effects, especially one's that stall like Removal and Muk's Toxic Gas.

I've studied your other deck reports (someone has to do it :) and have predicted what you might say in response to this deck. Mostly something about having one Scyther and Chansey, taking out the Rainbow energy, Maybe trade some trainers for a couple GOW's and Switches. And DON'T worry about the skimpy energy, unless you make some changes that require more.

Good Luck fixing my deck!

 Shut-Down Deck; aka, Muk pulls the plugs


1 Scyther
1 Pinsir
1 Snorlax
1 Chansey
4 Nidoran (f)
3 Grimer
3 Muk
2 Exeggcute
2 Exegutor


3 Oaks
2 Bill
4 ERemoval
2 ERetrieval
2 Gambler
2 Recycle
1 Pkmn Center
1 Scoop up
1 Pkmn Trader
1 Item Finder
1 Mr. Fuji

Energy-19 +(illegal?)

18 Grass
1 (Illegal?) Rainbow Energy (Rocket set)

Well, you were right about what I have to say, for the most part.


You've got 3-2 for the Grimer/Muk, and that's good; and, you've got 2-2 for the Exeggcute/Exegutor which isn't bad... everything else (in regards to your Pokemon) blows like a humpback in heat. Drop the Nidoran Females. Add 2 Scyther (ups it to 3) add a Exeggcute (makes that a 3). Snorlax and Chansey make good walls, so add 1 more each of those, and remove the lone Pinsir.


Choosing the right trainers can make or break you in a Pokemon game. You looked ok until I noticed the singles of PKMN Center, Scoop Up, PKMN Trader, Item Finder and Fuji. If you're going to have stall as any part of your deck, these important trainers should never be so under appreciated... Add 1 more of each of them. Now, I want you to drop the Recycles. You shouldn't need them when I'm finished. Take out the Super Energy removals. You need not worry about the discarding of precious energy, and honestly, this isn't an ER Archetype anyway.


You're darn tootin' right when you think I'm going to pull the rainbow energy. Until Rocket comes out, it's as illegal as armed robbery. Change it to a DCE and you'll be golden.

Where do we sit?

Now you have:

Pokemon (18)

3 Scyther, 2 Snorlax, 2 Chansey, 3 Grimer, 3 Muk, 3 Exeggcute, 2 Exegutor.

Trainers (23)

3 Prof.. Oak, 2, Bill, 4 Energy Removal, 2 Energy retrieval, 2 Gambler, 2 Pokemon Centre, 2 Scoop up, 2 Pokemon Trader, 2 Item finder, 2 Mr. Fuji.

Energies (19)

18 Grass, 2 DCE

60 cards. There ya have it. Let me know how this works out for you.