>From: "Vreeland Family" <nctdgkss@vgernet.net>
>To: <Mercury@pojo.com>
>Subject: Super Psyokers
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:52:38 -0400
>Hi Mercury, This is my water/psychic deck. I call it super psyokers. I'm
>going to go to my first tournament with it but I want to make sure it's a
>good deck before I go. I'v never lost with it but the only kid that I'v
>played is my brother who has a colorless deck. Please fix it as much as you
>3 magikarp
>1 gyarados
>3 krabby
>2 kingler
>4 abra
>3 kadabra
>2 mr. mime
>15 water
>15 psychic
>2 poke traders
>3 bills
>2 energy retrievals
>3 gust of winds
>2 super potions
>Thanx, Tim V.

First off, good deck.  I like the idea, and it has strong poke and a good
mix of trainers.  I would, however, like to polish it a little.
Alright, start by finding a substitute for Kadabra.  Although he is a strong
pokemon, he has a 3 retreat, only 60 HP, a weakness to Psy, and he’s a Stage
1.  Promo Mewtwo is your best substitute, so try as hard as you can to lay
your hands on those guys.  Add 3, since they’re not that good of a starting
pokemon.  Add another Gyarados, since those can be great powerhouses with
attacks that do 40 and 50.  I would like you to use another poke instead of
Kingler, but that’s entirely up to you (maybe Goldduck…).
Now, let’s work on the trainers.  Add another Bill, and put in 3 Energy
Removal and 2 Super.  If you want, replace the 2 Pokemon Trader with 2 Mr.
Fuji, because those work great with Promo Mewtwo to prevent yourself from
decking.  Then, add 2 Professor Oak and 1 Computer Search, because it is
always nice to have a good card advantage.
Your next and final step is the energy.  You should have 24 slots left for
this, which is more than enough considering that you now have the absorption
powers.  Put in 14 Water and 10 Psychic.  Play the deck a few more times
before any real competition, so you can make adjustments to the energy count
if needed.
The deck now looks like:

3 Magikarp
2 Gyarados
3 Krabby
2 Kingler
3 Promo Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
1 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrievals
3 Gust of Wind
2 Super Potion
2 Pokemon Traders (or Mr. Fuji)
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
14 Water Energy
10 Psychic Energy
Well, have fun!  Tell me how it does, so I can make notes on how to work
better on future decks!

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