>From: "Wasp Idontknow" <pillbug10@hotmail.com>
>To: Mercury@pojo.com
>Subject: fix my deck and post it
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:31:44 PDT
>  I've e-mailed most of the deck fixers weeks ago but no one e-mailed me
>back. Please help this deck! I won many times against my friends, but all
>friends have gaybow(rainbow) decks. Well, please fix my deck.
>                   Hitmon Can't Dance
>          4 squirtle
>          1 wartortle
>          2 blastoise(i'm trying to get more)
>          2 lapras
>          2 articuno
>          2 scyther(should I switch this with kangaskan?)
>          2 hitmonchan(kills electabuzz)
>          3 energy retrivel
>          4 bill
>          2 pro. oak
>          1 switch
>          2 poke breeder
>          2 computer search
>          1 poke trader
>          2 potion
>          1 super potion
>          2 g.o.w.
>          1 gambler
>          18 water
>          6 fighting
>I use this deck at toys'r'us and won about 18/20 times- but the most of the
>decks suck.
>          I use the basic raindance plan but hitmonchan is in the hand
>pikachu, electabuzz, etc.(pokes with weakness to fighting).
>                      Please help this deck. Should I switch scyther with
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Well, Iím not a big raindance fan (in fact, Iím not big on any unoriginal
deck), but thatís beside the point.  Here are the changes I would make:
Ok, the pokemon are good.  You should add another Blastoise, though.  Take
out the 2 Scyther, because you already have a good resistance with Articuno.
  Add another
Articuno, because he is your most powerful pokemon, especially once you get
Blastoise on the bench and make use of his power.
Trainers.  Take out the one trader, and add another switch, because all your
pokes have a 2-3 retreat.  Take out the gambler, because itís almost
impossible to prevent a raindance deck from decking out anyway.  Add an Item
Finder, so that you can get back an Oak or Breeder if needed.  Iím really
not sure about the potion, because they donít help too much with the pokemon
you have.  Remove both potions, and add a super potion.  Also, add another
Gust Of Wind, because these are very useful in getting rid of that pesky
pokemon that sits damaged on the bench.
Iím going to leave the energy unchanged, because you seem to have balanced
those out really well.
Alright, hereís a final look at the deck:

4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
3 Blastoise
2 Lapras
3 Articuno
2 Hitmonchan
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
3 Energy Retrieval
2 Switch
2 Breeder
2 Comp Search
2 Super Potion
1 Item Finder
3 Gust of Wind
18 Water Energy
6 Fighting Energy
Well, enjoy!  E-mail me on how it performs in action!


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