>From: teleline <LGA00001@teleline.es>
>To: Mercury@pojo.com
>Subject: Antonio Gayo
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 20:17:31 +0200
>Hello Mercury:
>I noticed that there were a new mechanic so, i've decided to send my
>deck. I hope you can take a look at it and tell me what you think. Here
>it is:
>MIND SLASH (Psy-Grass)
>Pokémon (18):
>4 Gastly (Fossil)
>3 Haunter (Fossil)
>2 Gengar (Fossil)
>2 Jinx
>2 Mr. Mime
>2 Chansey
>3 Scyther (I can't get another one, here in Spain we only have Base set,
>i know i have a lot of expansion cards but i bought them in special
>Trainer (19):
>4 E.R.
>3 S.E.R.
>3 G.O.W.
>3 Bill
>1 Professor Oak
>1 Gambler (used to be an Oak, but i lost a few times for decking, so
>Gambler stays)
>2 Scoop Up
>2 E. Retrieval
>Energy (23):
>15 Psy Energy
>4 Grass Energy (For Scythers Sword dance)
>4 DCE
>I hope you like my deck, i have a lot of TCG experience, and i think
>i've got a powerful deck. I don't think i need to tell you how it works,
>it's well defended against almost everything and has powerful attacks
>(And most important, no retreat almost in every pokémon)
>Thanks a lot.
>Antonio Gayo Núńez. lga00001@teleline.es
>You can take a look at my Pokémon page at
Nice deck.  Two of my fav pokemon in one deck.  Well, I'd like to make a few
First, take out the 2 Jynx.  They're really not that good, especially
considering you already have 2 Mr. Mime.  I understand that you can't get
any more Scyther, so I won't ask you add any more.  Actually, that's all the
changes I'd make with the pokemon!
Ok, trainers.  Take out one Super Energy Removal and one Energy Retrieval. 
Add one Computer Search and one Item Finder, because those give you options
and allow you to change the course of the game (almost every deck needs at
least one of each).  Well, that was painless. :-)
Alright, you already have 2 extra slots because of the Jynx I removed.  So,
add 2 more grass (swords dance is one of the best first turn attacks in the
game, if you play it correctly).  Also, take out one Psy and add another
Grass, so you're almost guaranteed to get one in your first 7-10 cards.
Here's how the deck looks now:

4 Gastly (Fossil)
3 Haunter (Fossil)
2 Gengar (Fossil)
2 Mr. Mime
2 Chansey
3 Scyther
4 E.R.
2 S.E.R.
3 G.O.W.
3 Bill
1 Professor Oak
1 Gambler
2 Scoop Up
1 E. Retrieval
1 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
14 Psy Energy
7 Grass Energy
Well, happy killings!  The deck involves some great combos (Scyther + Mime,
Gengar + Mime, etc.), and as I said earlier, some of my favorite pokemon. 
Please, tell me how it does, because I might even venture into a deck
similar to it...


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