>From: BlazingHawk@aol.com
>To: Mercury@pojo.com
>Subject: Ghostly Flames
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:32:34 EDT
>First off. The cards. No point in saying a strategy until you know what
>are there.
>Three Gastly (Fossil)
>Three Haunter (Fossil)
>Three Gengar
>Two Mr. Mime
>Three Mew
>Four Magmar (Fossil)
>Four Bill
>Three Super Potion
>Three Energy Removal
>One Super Energy Removal
>Two Mr. Fugi
>Two Gust of Wind
>2 Potion
>Ten Fire Energy
>Sixteen Psychic Energy
>The main point of this deck is to stall at the beginning. Use Magmar's
>Smokescreen and Haunter's Transparency to not take damage.  when damage IS
>done, use the Potions or Super Potions to get rid of it.  And if you have
>something along the lines of a Gengar with three energy that is about to
>faint, pull it to your bench, then use Mr. Fugi to save yourself from
>behind by a prize, and so you always have the ability to draw the same
>again. In the later game is on, and the opponent has a heavey hitter with
>high retreat and a high damage/high cost attack, send out either Mew or Mr.
>Mime for a solid hit. Mew only if the opponent has a four energy attack
>or else a weakness to Psychic. Mr. Mime to not take damage from ANY heavey
>hitter, while pounding away with a Meditate. Gengar comes in handy here,
>move a damage from the Bench to the Active, then start off first round with
>20 damage attack. And when you'll do more than enough damage to kill, Curse
>some of that damage back to the bench. Well, ... what do you think?

Nice deck.  Unfortunately, it has 61 cards.  As I mentioned in an earlier
report, I'm a big Gengar fan (possible the best Stage 2, in my opinion). 
However, it's very difficult to mix a Stage 2 with cards of another type,
especially considering that Gengar needs 3 Psy and Magmar needs 2 Fire. 
Well, here's what I would do:
Honestly, I would like to remove the Magmar altogether.  He might be a great
staller, but so is Chansey and Kangaskhan, which are both very good starting
pokemon.  I'm going to add two of each, and remove the Magmar completely
(*whew*, Now I can remove the fire energy!).  The 3 Mew are also something I
disagree with.  Mew isn't very good, considering he has only 50 HP and a
weakness to Psy.  If you can get your hands on them, add Scyther in his
place.  There is no resistance to grass (unless you get into Jap. pokemon,
but that's a whole other story...), and he has a free retreat.  If you want,
you can add Promo Mewtwo instead, but if you take this route, you might have
trouble with anything that has a resistance to Psy.  Since you're one card
over already, take out 1 Gengar to bring you to an even 60.  Alright, now
that I'm done with the pokemon, lets move on to trainers.
Ok, the 4 Bill are good, but you could use Oaks or Gamblers.  Take out 2
Super Potion and add 2 Oak (if you find yourself decking, use 2 Gambler
instead).  Also, add another Gust Of Wind, 2 Computer Searches, and 1 Item
Finder (Comp and Item have got to be the two most important trainers ever,
so they're a must in this deck).  You seem pretty good here, so let's move
on to energy.
Well, you only have 22 slots left, so use this for 18 Psychic and 4 Double
Alrighty, the deck should look like:

3 Gastly (Fossil)
3 Haunter (Fossil)
2 Gengar
3 Scyther
2 Chansey
2 Kangakhan
2 Mr. Mime
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
1 Super Potion
2 Potion
3 Gust of Wind
2 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
3 Energy Removal
1 Super Energy Removal
18 Psychic
I hope you like it!

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