>From: "Nowak" <nowak@sprint.ca>
>To: <Mercury@pojo.com>
>Subject: Nidorina's Hyper Beam!
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:38:32 -0400
>Hi Mercury! I'd love to give you a warm welcome!
>   Here is my deck Nidorina's HyperBeam. It uses Nidorina as well as
>Golduck to Hyper Beam away energy from your oppponent. The other Pokemon
>are there just to stall or attack while powering up Nidorina's Double Kick
>or Golduck's hyper Beam.
>Pokemon 20
>3 Nidoran (female)
>2 Nidorina
>4 Psyduck
>3 Golduck
>2 Tauros
>1 Eevee
>1 Farfetch'd
>1 Lickitung
>2 Spearow
>1 Ditto
>Trainers 15
>3 Potion
>1 Super Potion
>1 Poke Ball
>1 Pokedex
>2 Recycle
>1 Mr Fuji
>1 Bill
>1 Switch
>2 Gust of Wind
>1 Gambler
>Energy 25
>15 Grass Energy
>10 Water Energy
>Thats my Deck!
>Matt :)
First off, I like the idea.  Energy Denial can be a very powerful tool if
used correctly (think about it, you can't do ANYTHING with your pokemon
[except for powers, but most don't deal any damage] without energy). 
Alright, here are the changes.
The Pokemon.  Goldduck is good, and you have it as a 4-3 evolution, so I'll
leave that like it is.  Nidorina, on the other hand, only serves the purpose
of dealing damage.  She's also a Stage 1, which slows down the deck.  So,
remove the Nidoran (F) and Nidorina.  In their place, add Scyther.  This is
my favorite, most versatile pokemon in the game.  Add 4, just because he's
such a good starter and fits in any situation.  Add another Lickitung,
because that can stall a little while on low energy and let you build
Goldduck.  Take out the Eevee, Farfetch'd, and Spearows.  They don't help
too much in your goal.  Leave the one Ditto.  I would like to have 2, but I
already asked that you added 4 Scyther (which are rare), so I don't want you
to go out and spend a bucket of cash on more.  Besides, Ditto is weak to
Gust of Winds and can be manipulated by the other opponent easier than most
other pokemon.
Trainers.  The first thing I noticed is that you have way too many single
cards.  So, add 3 more Bill.  Take out the Mr. Fuji and add another Gambler.
  Remove the Pokeball and Pokedex to add another Gust of Wind and another
Switch.  Take out the 2 Recycle for a Computer Search and Item Finder (I
know you will only have one of each, but again, I don't want you to spend
pocketfuls on rares).  Remove the potions and add 4 Energy Removal and 2
Super Energy Removal (fits the energy denial theme).  Leave the one super
potion, because you might need that to last an extra turn.
Alright, energy.  You should have 24 slots left for this.  Add 4 DCE,
because those work well for Scyther, Tauros, Lickitung, and Ditto.  With the
remainging 20, add 7 Grass and 13 Water.  The 7 Grass is particularly useful
for the first-turn Swords Dance ability of Scyther.
Here's one more look at it:

4 Psyduck
3 Goldduck
4 Scyther
2 Lickitung
2 Tauros
1 Ditto
4 Bill
2 Gambler (can be replaced with Professor Oak, but he might make you deck
too quickly)
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
1 Computer Search
1 Item Finder
1 Super Potion
7 Grass Energy
13 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
Again, I really like the deck.  Have fun with it, because it can become very
powerful once you break it in!


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