> >Ok.....
> >i need some serious help on my deck since everyday i get beat by a
>mono-fighting deck everyday (its owned by my friend Sean). This is how my
>deck is now (but im buying 2 more electabuzz and some DC):
> >
> >Pokemon
> >2 Eevee
> >1 Tauros
> >1 Jigglypuff
> >2 Rattata
> >1 farfetch'd
> >
> >2 Fossil Magmar
> >1 Magmar
> >2 Ponyta
> >
> >3 Pikachu
> >2 Magnemite
> >1 Electabuzz
> >1 Jolteon
> >
> >Trainers
> >4 Potion
> >4 Bill
> >2 Energy Search
> >1 Recycle
> >1 Energy Retrieval
> >2 Full Heal
> >1 Gambler
> >1 Prof. Oak
> >1 Gust of Wind
> >2 Super Potion
> >1 Defender
> >
> >10 Fire Energy
> >9 Lightning Energy
> >
> >I need some serious help on this deck and i just started about a week ago
>on TCG.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >
> >
> >Roaddogg
> >
Well, don't go so hard on yourself.  This deck is much better than many of
the decks used by rookie TCG users such as yourself.  You are right though,
this deck has a few problems, but I'm sure that they can be painlessly fixed
in no time.

First, I realized that your deck has only 58 cards.  Although this isn't
illegal, It is much better to take advantage of the fact that you can have

Now, try to figure out the purpose of your deck.  It seems to have very good
potential to be a powerful damage deck.  Your next step is to try to
eliminate all the single cards or any other cards that don't help your

The most important part of most decks are the pokemon.  So, start by taking
out the base Magmar, Ponyta, Jigglypuff, Rattata, and Magnemite.  While
you’re at it, take out the Pikachu as well, because they aren’t nearly as
strong as Electabuzz or Jolteon.  Now, make it so that you have 3 Eevees and
2 Jolteons.  Also, since you are getting 2 more Electabuzzes (the strongest
electric by far), add those in so you have a total of 3.  Put in 2 more
Farfetch’d (I’d prefer Scyther, but Farf can work) and add another Fossil
Magmar.  Also, put in one more Tauros (these can be good suicidal guys, as
long as you use them right).  If you find yourself decking continuously,
take out the Tauros and add 2 Chansey.

Alright, Trainers.  You have pretty good card advantage right now, but it
wouldn’t hurt to add another Oak and remove a Gambler (again, if you start
decking, put in the 2 Chanseys in place of the Tauros).  Also, take out the
Recycle, Full Heal, and Defender.  Take out the Potions and Super potions,
and add 2 Scoop Up (if you don’t have those, use 2 Super Potions instead). 
Now, add 3 more Gust of Wind (these are incredibly valuable when you have
several different types of pokemon) and put in 3 Switch (high retreat costs
in almost all the pokemon).  Take out the 2 Energy Search and add another
Energy Retrieval.

With the remaining slots, fill in the energy that you will need.  Since you
have only Electabuzz and Jolteon as your electric, you can have about 12
Electric (along with the 2 Retrievals, you shouldn’t have much of an energy
problem) and 11 Fire for Magmar.  Now, toss in 3 DCE, which will be really
needed to power up Farf (or Scyther), Tauros (or Chansey), and Jolteon.

Well, congrats on your new deck!  Here’s how it should look now:

3 Eevee
2 Jolteon
2 Tauros (or Chansey)
3 Farfetch’d (preferably Scyther)
3 Fossil Magmar
3 Electabuzz
4 Bill
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Professor Oak
4 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up (or Super Potion)
1 Computer Search
3 Switch
11 Fire Energy
12 Electric Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy

Well, have fun with it!  E-mail me in a few weeks to tell me how it goes,
and possible make some fine-tuning on the deck.  Thanks!