>Yo! Hey Griffin! How's it going? Your are so cool. You are like the best.
>name is Tim and I have a really great haymaker with Aerodactyl. My strategy
>is to Kill Kill Kill fast fast fast and just knock the other person into
>space which is probably every haymaker's strategy. I mean for once I want
>win the tournament at my local comic book store but I always do bad and
>sometimes end up losing to psychic decks. I need some help with the
>because I'm not sure what to take out or put in. PLEASE help me to make
>deck the best:
>Pokémon (12)
>4 Electabuzz
>3 Hitmonchan
>3 Scyther
>2 Aerodactyl
>Trainers (22)
>3 Mysterious Fossil
>3 Bill
>3 Gust of Wind
>4 Energy Removal
>2 Prof. Oak
>4 Plus Power
>4 S.E.R.
>Energy (25)
>4 Double Colorless
>11 Electric
>10 Fighting
>How I play:
>          I usually want to start out with electabuzz for an easy paralyze.
>Then get Aerodactyl out and screw the opponent. I use E.R. and S.E.R. to
>stall and power up. I'm a little clueless so help me out. When It comes to
>winning I'm so clos yet so Farfetche'd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>P.S.  I also need some help of what to do with the Pokémon too of what to
>take out or put in because I had Hitmonlee but took him out and made
>Thanx so very much. Tim -------> Goalie38@aol.com


Personally, I wouldn't use Aero in any Haymaker, but I guess you could. It's
just a little slower than the rest of its haymaking counterparts. First
thing you want to do is get another Mysterious Fossil in there. Drop 2
Elecctric energy for 1, and with the other slot open, add in an Energy
Retrieval. Now take out 2 Energy Removals, and add 2 Item Finders. Those
Item Finders can really be useful in the late-game. Also, about your

Since I don't know your style, I can't really help. Just keep playing games
over and over and over again. What I used to do to pratice was get 2 decks
of mine, one was the main deck I used and another was an extra, and I'd sit
down at a table and just play against myself for hours and hours on end.
I've probably played hundreds and hundred of games doing that. It's pretty
fun too, because it lets you see which of your 2 decks is the best, since
you're at the same playing level as yourself. It also helps you get to know
your deck alot better. So, just try that a bunch when you have no friends
over, and it can really help youir skill as a player.


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