Well Griffin, here is my all psychic deck. My strategy is to stall with
>Mr.Mimes and Kababras until I can release the power of Mewtwo and
>Gengar. Please review this so I can work on it. Thanx.
>Pokémon (16)
>2 Mewtwos (movie promo)
>3 Gastlys (2 are fossil)
>2 Haunters (1 is fossil)
>3 Abras
>2 Kadabras
>1 Gengar (fossil)
>2 Mr.Mimes
>1 Jynx
>Trainers (18)
>2 Gust of winds
>4 super energy removals
>4 energy removals
>1 super potion
>1 pluspower
>1 defender
>1 switch
>1 computersearch
>1 potion
>1 pro. oak
>1 imposter pro. oak
>Energys (26)
>25 Psychic
>1 DCE

NEVER use base-set Haunter and Gastly, they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY suck.
Take out all the remaining base-set ones, and put in their Fossil
counterparts. Also, drop the Jynx. 1 won't help, and with your other
Psychics, it can't work too well either. With that slot open, add another
Fossil Gastly to the deck. You'll need one, 'cause I want another Haunter in
there. Now that you've done that, drop the Imposter Professor Oak, and put
in the Haunter that I wanted(Fossil). You need more DCE, 3 more, as a matter
of fact. Drop your Potion, your Defender, and your Plus Power, and add in 3
more DCE. Now, take out 2 Energy Removals, and add another Professor Oak and
a Bill. You need more than 1 Bill, too... Hmm... You seem ti have alot of
Psychic energy, drop 3 for another 2 Bills and another Computer Search.
Okay, that should do it for you@ Sorry guys, I haven't gotten my hands on
any Rocket cards yet, but when I do, you'll start seeing them in my fixes.


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