>                        The Switch-Around Beatdown
>                             by Robert Quillen
>Pokemon (12)
>3   Movie Promo Mewtwo
>3   Hitmonchan
>3   Scyther
>3   Lickitung
>Trainers (28)
>4   Bill
>3   Professor Oak
>4   Energy Removal
>4   Super Energy Removal
>2   Scoop Up
>2   Computer Search
>3   Energy Retrieval
>3   Gust of Wind
>3   PlusPower
>Energy (20)
>10 Psychic Energy
>10 Fighting Energy
>     My strategy is to beatdown the opponent quickly for the win.  I use
>Scyther as my opening pokemon, and against fighting types.  Mewtwo and
>Hitmonchan are used in tandem, If my opponent puts out a psychic
>resistant pokemon, I whip out my Hitmonchan and punch them into
>oblivion.  The Lickitung is the Mr. Mime killer and makes up for my
>large weakness to psychic.  My trainers are used for card drawing,
>disruption, getting out of a tight spot and for late-game needs.
>     I've only been playing pokemon for about two months and I was
>wondering how good my deck would hold up when reviewed by the pros.
>Make any changes you feel necessary, I can get my hands on the cards I


This deck is almost PERFECT. Congrats on making it so good. There are a few
things to change with the trainers though. You don't need 3 E Retrievals,
and you need some Item Finders. Drop an ET adn 2 ERs for 3 Item Finder. The
ER's aren't much help since you already have SERs. The Pokemon are perfect.
That's all the help you need. NICE, NICE deck, thanks,


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