>Hi Griffin,
>  This is my grass deck. My strategy is to use chansey and double edge the
>defending pokemon then retreat and use scoop up. I will use energy trans
>before i scoop up chansey. I could also send out eggegcutor and use big
>(24 Pokemon)
>3 Bulbasaurs
>3 Ivysaurs
>3 Venusaurs
>3 Scythers
>3 Eggxegcute
>3 Eggecutor
>2 Chansey
>2 Venonat
>2 Venomoth
>(15 Trainers)
>3 Scoop Up
>2 Switch
>3 Super Energy Removal
>2 Energy Removal
>3 Super Potions
>2 Potions
>(21 Energies)
>20 Leaf Energies
>1 DCE

Hmm... This is actually quite a good deck. There are a few things I would
change though. You don't need Super Potions. If you can play right, you
won't need them. Take out all 3 of them for 3 DCE. The Potions are useless,
take them all out for 2 Pokemon Breeders. Since you have 2 Breeders, you
don't need 3 Ivysaurs, take out ONE Ivy for another SER. That's just about
all you need. Thanks for the deck,


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