>Hey there griffin!, i'm wandering if you like my deck or not. and if you
>could, tweak it up as MUCH as you like.
>4x Promo Mewtwo
>4x Growlithe
>4x Promo Arcanine(league)
>4x Abra
>3x Kadabra
>2x Alakazaam
>2x Fossil Magmars
>2x Energy Retrievals
>3x Bill
>3x Professor Oak
>3x Scoop Up
>2x Item Finders
>2x Computer searches
>10x Physic
>12x Fire
>if you don't now what the promo arcanine does, let me know.
>To Use magmar to start and to stall, then get out promo mewtwo as quickly
>possible, disacard 2 physic energies and to absorb them back.  After that,
>when i get alakzaam out, carefully swap up to six damge counters on
>even though i don't try to and bring him in, and rage for 100, then if
>possible, scoop him up.  please reply or email me at
>p.s. a question, scoop up, if i'm playing an evultion pokemon out there for
>say, arcanine, and i wish to scoop him up, do i choose to scoop up
>or do i scoop up growlithe becuase it says return it's basic pokemon card
>your hand.  please let me know as there is plenty of confusion here.

The text on Scoop Up explains everything. You can figure it out...

Anyways, I REALLY like this deck. It's VERY cool. I almost need to change
nothing... I just need to fix up the trainers a BIT... You're missing your
Energy Removals, which are an asset to almost any deck. However, this deck
could work with either ER or SER. I'm gonna leave it up to you. Try to drop
some of your Pokemon (Maybe some of the ones with 4 of their kind) for the
ERs. That's all you need really. Thanks for the deck

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