>Hey Griffin,
>     I dont have nearly enogh money to buy 4 Hitmons, So i made a Hay
>alternite. It consists of Lapras, Magmar, Scyther, and Wiggly instead of
>hitmon and the buzz. I try to win the game quick with my fast, hard hitting
>pokemon like wiggly and Scyther with Lapras, and Magmar to back it up.
>give me an your opinion on it. ( note: I am trying to get some buzz to
>replace the mags as soon as possible.)
>Pokemon: 18
>4 Jigglypuff
>3 Wigglytuff
>4 Lapras
>4 Magmar (Fossil)
>3 Scyther
>Trainers: 12
>3 Bill (don't leave home without 3)
>3 Proffesor Oak
>3 Plus Power
>3 Energy removal
>2 Energy Retrieval
>1 Computer search ( I'm trying to get more)
>Please answer as soon as posible. I have a tournament coming up and want
>of the twaeks worked out.


This is quite interesting actually. I like it. However, there are a few
things I'd like to change.

First, you don't need 3 Oaks. 2's definately enough. Drop the 1 for another
Computer Search, which you need for speed. That's all I'd like to change
except for the energy. 0 isn't enough... Since you have 30 slots open for
energy (way too much) we'll add some more trainers. Try some Item Finders.
Add in 2 of those. Super Energy Removals also help. Add in 4 of those. Now
to the energy...

Stick in 10 Water energy and 10 fire. Now add in 4 Doudle Colorless energy
and you're all set!


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