This is my new deck:
Water/Psychic NRG destruction:
Pokemon: (31-Way too many but i dont know what 2 take out!)
2x Poliwrath
2x Poliwhirl
2x Poliwag

2x Magikarp
2x Gyarados

4x Mr Mime

1x MP Mewtwo ('Mewpoo')

2x Squirtle
2x Wartortle
1x Blastoise

2x Dratini
2x Dragonair

1x Dewgong
1x Seel

1x Kangaskhan

Trainers (7-need more!)
3x PKMN Trader
2x Computer search
2x ER

Energy (27)
3x DCE
17xW NRG
7x Psy NRG
I'm yet to play with this Deck (its Illegal) and FAR to many PKMN.
I'm not sure what 2 take out or put in to get this thing working.

Get the poliwraths & possibly dragonairs out and get rid of that NRG, then
use ER to get rid of some of that pesky NRG
The Blastoise is there just to make a bigshow of dancing but i think he may
go, the dewgongs + Gyarados's are there to lay the smack down in an
Emergency and the mimes + Mewtwos 4 an alternative if ure against some other
pkmn (eg Grass of lightning.)
Have fun!

PS please limit Fossils as they r expensive ($12 per booster!)


Ummm, ok you should really stick to one theme in a deck. Raindance is great
by itself and even though energy removal is a fairly weak deck it is still
tourney worthy. But both of them in the same deck just muddles them both, and
also makes a list of pokemon look like trash (see above). So i would suggest
dumping one theme and sticking to the other.
This week i'll be doing the raindance side of the deck using some new cards
from Team Rocket. Next week i'll do the same but with the energy removal
theme instead.


Explanation will follow the final listing...

Pokemon (15)

4 Squirtle (team rocket)
3 Blastoise
2 Dark Blastoise

4 Articuno

2 Lapras

Trainers (24)

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer search
4 Nighttime Garbage Collection
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Gambler

Energy (21)

3 Full heal Energy
18 Water Energy


Dark Blastoise was put in there because i like to play with four blastoise
already, so why not play five?  I can just breeder him out like any other
stage two, and he can kick more @$$ than any other water pokemon out there.
I put in the team rocket version of squirtle for the sole reason of hit
The garbage retrievals just work wonders in this deck, as it has very few
pokemon in it for a raindance already and now you can get back any of those
rare to find pokemon that got knocked out. It also helps the deck from
decking itself too quickly.
I'm not sure, but i think Sneak Attack (trbs) could fit well in here too.
I'll have to test that out.
I'm sorry that i had to use the articuno's because of how much you have to
pay for just one pack, but if you really need a pokemon card at a cheap (real
cheap) price you can go to "". I managed to get my four
movie promo mewtwo's for less than twelve dollars total from there.

Hope that helps and see ya next week,

Justusdux "Dux"