Don't breathe too deeply. I answered a queation on the local morning
radio call-in show and won a ticket to some Psychic Fair. I've never been to
one and frankly, as a trained psychologist, I'm somewhat skeptical. But my
new-age secretary totally believes in the paranormal, sionce she herself is
paranormal in many ways. Despite my better judgement, I let her have the
ticket and now my office is covered with incense and candles. You'd think
I'd learn after all this time.

    She came back, flush with excitement over some psychic reading this
Jamaican voodoo priestess gave her. I don't subscribe to voodoo
philosophies, but my secretary believed every word. According to the
priestess, there is a vast amount of psychic energy (No, not the kind in the
Pokemon CCG) waiting to be released inside my secretary's essence. Now she's
trying to get in touch with her higher self by attempting to move a diamond
ring from one end of the desk to the other. So far she's knocked over the
filing cabinet, elbowed the keyboard off the desk, backed into the potted
fern and sneezed her day planner into the trash. But that ring is still
where it started.
   I'd laugh, but I'm afraid it would only trigger some psychokinetic rage
like the kind exhibited by Sissy Spacek in the movie Carrie where she gets
really mad at her classmates and lodges an entire prom into the gymnasium
wall. So I ain't saying squat.

   Try not to have an asthma attack with all the incense in the air and make
your way through the fog into my office. Follow the sound of my shoes
scuffing on the carpet. And bring your deck too. I hate for her to miss the
target and launch all your Magmars into the fish tank.

hi crash, I just made a new deck. could you tell me
>what you think of it?(and make changes of course!)
><my supply is limited>
>10 psychic
>15 grass (might not be enough)
>3 gastly(fossil)
>2 haunter(fossil, obviously)
>1 gengar
>1 promo mewtwo( my only one)
>3 eggsecute
>1 exeggutor (I wanted to take advantage of a grass/psi
>2 ekans
>1 arbok
>2 koffing
>3 grimer
>2 muk
>3 energy search
>1 energy retrieval
>1 comp. search
>3 GOW
>2 energy removal
>2 pkmn. flute
>2 bill
>this deck's strategy is to control your opponent, and
>use poke-flute to modify their bench.
    This is interesting. Talk about Psychic telekinetic attacks.....OK. The
first thing I notice is that you have Gengar and Muk in the same deck.
Haunter and Gengar are pointless with Muk hanging around, so I'm going to
have to suggest that they be removed immediately.
     Next come Arbok and Ekans. They are not terribly strong and do not add
anything important to this deck's strategy. They can be taken out too. The
same applies to Koffing. Koffing's guaranteed status affliction is
attractive, but not worth including here.

     I'd concentrate upon the Gastly/Haunter/Gengar and Eggsecute/Exeggutor
families and toss in some Basics for early game power.
     You should run the Gastly family in a 4/3/2 ratio and the Eggsecute
family in a 3/2 line.
     I highly reccommend finding 3 Scythers and another Promo Mewtwo. I
noticed you said not to reccomend anything expensive and I really don't
think I am. If you get the non-holo Scythers and Gengars, they should not
cost you a lot and they function just the same. I pay about $6.00 average
for my non-holo rare Pokemon and you shouldn't be paying much more than that
for yours either. The Promo Mewtwo should not cost more than $8.00 and is an
excellent purchase, just like the Scythers since it fits into so many
different decks. It may take a bit of time, but it's definitely worth it.

     Your Trainers need some rearranging too. The Pokemon Flute is a
horrible idea, since you're just giving your opponent more options for his
attack. Gengar works better if he focuses on just one or two backfield
      The Energy Retrieval is pointless since Fossil Gastly and Mewtwo both
do the same thing. The Energy Searches are needless too, since you really
need only one type of Energy for this deck, Psychic, and maybe a few Grass
for Eggsecute if he has to fight or for biding time with Scyther, but those
are rare cases.
       Increase the Bills by 2 more and add 2 Professor Oaks, most
definitely. you need massive drawing power in an Evolution based deck like
      Another Computer Search will give you what you need when you need it.
2 Pokemon Traders are good in the middle game for finding that elusive
Exeggutor. 3 Mr Fujis get those Energies back and spares your hurt Pokemon
without giving your opponent prizes.
      Lastly, one of the new Team Rocket cards will help you if you get
stuck. Nighttime Garbage Collection, which allows you to reclaim any
combination of 3 Basics, Evolutions or Energy cards and shuffle them into
your deck is a nice fit into any deck.

       Finally in the Energy department, I highly suggest placing 4 Double
Colorless Energies in here. Scyther works well with them, and they're deadly
on an Exeggutor. Big Eggsplosion is a very underrated attack.
       15 Psychic Energy and 4 Grass Energy will finish this deck out

      Hmmm....she's still squinting intently on that ring. I wish she'd
squint intently on the computer and the finance spreadsheets, but as long as
she has those finely sharpened fingernails, I'm not pressing the issue.
      OK, let me show you the revision:

     4 Fossil Gastlys
     3 Fossil Haunters
     2 Gengars
     3 Eggsecutes
     2 Exeggutors
     2 Promo Mewtwos
     3 Scythers

     4 Bills
     2 Professor Oaks
     2 Gusts of Wind
     2 Computer Searches
     3 Mr. Fuji's
     1 Item Finder
     2 Pokemon Traders
     2 Nighttime Garbage Collections

     4 Double Colorless Energies
     15 Psychic Energies
     4 Grass Energies

    You'll most likely want to keep Gengar on your bench and rely on Promo
Mewtwo, Scyther and Exeggutor to deliver the blows. You can stick a lowly
Gastly in the Active spot if you're ahead in prizes by at least 2 and just
keep calling Energy back to your hand for Exeggutor. Remember that all the
Ghosts have Resistance to Fighting and no Weakness to Psychic!! Very Nice!
Gastly and Haunter have free retreat too, even better. Remember about
Exeggutor's Teleport move. It beats it's 3 retreat cost by a landslide. This
deck has a low retreat cost which will work out to your advantage. Hit and
Run should be your objective. Gengar can usually finish the job in a couple

     You're all set and done. You can pay my secretary if you dare. On
second thought, give me the money. I'll deposit it myself. I wouldn't want
it to catch fire on one of the candles or incense burners. Lets just walk
out of here and......ohmigod...what happened???? This place is a mess!!!

      My coatrack is in pieces! There's paper everywhere! Look at the
carpet! There's fish food all over and my chairs are all tipped over. My
secretary must have gone nuts trying to move that cursed ring! Where is
she?? There's my jacket hanging over the Venus Flytrap...sheesh.

     Where is she? I'm gonna rip her...huh? She's asleep on the floor behind
her desk. Come on... Get up!! Move!
     Dang she's out. All that effort must have drained her. She must have
blown this whole office apart trying to!!!! Trying to
move this diamond ring still here on the desk where it's always been.
     She's psycho, but she's no Uri Geller. How come I always get stuck
leaning her messes though? I could sure use some telekinetic powers. It's
gonna take the whole production crew of Carrie to clean this...Heck. I'm
just going for coffee. Now where's my wallet...HEY! How'd the diamond ring
get into my pocket??? Oh crap.....

                        Good Luck
                    Dr. Crash Landon

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