Happy Easter!!!

    By the time you see this, Easter will be less than a week away. I'm a
big Easter guy, since I love candy. It's only matched by Halloween in terms
of total sugar consumption and ensuing dentist bills.
    My secretary seems to think Easter is cool too. She's the pastel
princess today. Of course, the big fluffy rabbit ears and slippers are dead
giveaways too. So are the easter egg earrings.
    She's decorated the office in her usual compulsive fashion to be a
veritable spring wonderland. Easter baskets, pastel streamers, eggs and that
horrible, plastic. green grass that sticks to the carpet fibers until
Thanksgiving when the cat discovers them and later coughs them up in a big
slimy hairball into the gravy toureen for all to see...yeah you know what
I'm talking about. THAT fake grass stuff.

   My secretary has also taken the liberty (a term I use very loosely) to
bring in some actual Easter livestock. I've got rabbits and little yellow
chicks running about my waiting room, free to chew on the upholstery and
leave pre-digested surprises for me to step in while I'm not paying
attention. Sigh...but I know better than to argue her on this matter. Ir's
never worth the effort and the police have already let me off with three
warnings about getting her mad.

   Bearing this in mind, feel free to avoid that pile in the doorway and
step into my office. In traditional Easter fashion, I'll see if I can
ressurrect your deck.

>>Dear Crash,
>>     This is my deck; it's pretty good and I enjoy playing with
>>it.However, to
>>make it the best possible I sent it to you for some revision.
>>4 Promo Movie Mewtwo
>>4 jigglypuff
>>4 wigglytuff
>>2 scyther
>>2 fossil gastly
>>2 clefairy
>>1 clefable
>>4 professor oak
>>4 bill
>>2 scoop up
>>4 plus power
>>4 computer search
>>3 energy retrieval
>>2 item finder
>>4 double colorless energy
>>12 psychic energy
>>Ok. Now with that out of the way.
>>The strategy of my deck is very simple.Get a good start with some first
>>damage, then maybe stall with Clefable( though he is good for some
>>Hopefully stalling long enough to get out a fully loaded Mewtwo or
>>Wigglytuff.Meenwhile oaking to make sure i have the cards i need when i
>>them.  I should try to have my bench full when i have out wigglytuff and
>>if i
>>do a good plus power or two will take out almost any pokemon.  Like i said
>>its okay but it still needs some help. So if you could post this and give
>>some pointers i would really appreciate it> Thanks

    Yes, a Tuffstuff deck. I've been getting a lot of these lately. They're
the new thing I guess. I was using one back in October before they got
really big, but it wasn't as developed as they are now. Tuffstuff has come a
significant way since then.

    Well first thing is that you're only running 58 cards here. I don't
think any opponent is going to truly object to this, but why screw yourself?
Remember the magic number-60. It's the only legal one.
    Second is that despite what some may have seen on numerous websites,
including Pojo.com, having 4 Computer Searches and 4 Professor Oaks is NOT a
good idea. This is going to deck yourself super fast. There are some very
good stall decks out there. My Grass/Psy monster can stall up a storm. 4
Computer Searches is like slitting your wrists and watching the blood pour
out to a slow death. We'll definitely fix this problem later.

     Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon...I've got no big complaints with them. You
have Fossil Gastly in for the Energy recursion which is an okay idea, just
not the best. I'd suggest removing them for 2 Kangaskhans which is a better
way to replenish your hand and stall if you have to. Kangaskhan also can
pick up where the extra Oaks would leave off, without the huge setback in
card count.
     Clefairy/Clefable...You know, I've never really seen the huge allure of
these guys, but some players swear by them. My argument against them in this
deck is that Tuffstuff is a quick speedy assault that should contain no
evolution other than Wigglytuff. Looking for a Clefable will only distract
your objectives and Clefairy is Gust of Wind bait. Metronome is sure nice,
but very screwed up. There's so much eratta on Metronome...Replace the
Clefairy lineup with a couple Dittos. They're Basic, lending themselves to
the Wiggly strategy and are actually quite good and versatile.
    I'd also lose 1 Wigglytuff for another Scyther. You do NOT need 4 Stage
1's in any deck. 3 is pushing it, but it's very important to find Wiggly in
this deck, so I'm leaving you with that many. You can always Computer Search
one away later if you've got a duplicate.

    Next up on the plate is Trainers, the garnish of the deck. I like the
choices you made. They're pretty good. Your numbers are just way lopsided.
    One thing I'm changing is the Item Finders. Since this is a speed deck,
you'll benefit more from Computer Search. If you can't get your offense
going in a deck like this, no late game strategy is going to salvage it,
short of a miracle or your opponent dropping dead with malaria.
    I'm also replacing the Energy Retrievals with Gusts of Wind. Since the
only necessary Energy here is Psychic, Promo Mewtwo can pull them back from
the dead. Gust of Wind is a better choice since you want to keep Hitmonchans
and Hitmonlees away from your Wigglytuff.
    Finally I'm adding 2 Lasses to your list. Once you get a nice bench
built up, not hard in this deck, you can probably afford to sit back and
attack for a few rounds without worrying too much about your Trainers. This
in mind, Lass will screw with your opponent's strategy more than yours. Lass
is especially potent against Raindance if you get lucky enough to knock a
Breeder out of their hand. I know many people don't like Lass. I even
snubbed for a long time, but I was wrong. It IS a good card in some decks.

    Your Energy count was on the low side. I'm aware that a Wigglytuff deck
needn't run a lot of Energy, but they all have more than 16, with or without
Promo Mewtwo. Raise your Psychic Energy to 18 and the obligatory 4 Double
Colorless Energy. 22 is actually high for a Wigglytuff deck, and you will
eventually want to cut it down to 19, but for now trust me, 22 is good. My
advice is to make the deck with the higher Energy count for now. Play it
some. Get used to the revisions. Become intimate with how it works for you.
THEN change the Energy to your liking. This is how the best players tune
their decks. You can't tell if a deck is any good by including less Energy
than you'll need.

    So here's the newer improved Supercharged Mewtwo deck--

    4 Promo Mewtwos
    4 Jigglypuffs
    3 Wigglytuffs
    3 Scythers
    2 Dittos
    2 Kangaskhans

    4 Bills
    2 Professor Oaks
    3 Scoop Ups/Mr. Fuji (I prefer Fuji in a Tuffstuff deck, but Scoop works
    2 Computer Searches
    4 PlusPowers
    3 Gusts of Wind
    2 Lasses

    18 Psychic Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy

   One note of Caution...you're gonna have a heck of a time with some of the
good Potpourri decks out there. They typically have Promo Mewtwos, Fossil
Magmars and Hitmonchans. All three of these pose threats since somewhere in
your deck you have a weakness to their types. Beware, Potpourri is fast too.
Lass may not make much of a difference as well. Your best bet is to try
to..."Tuff" it out and wage a battle of attrition. Potpourri's Electabuzz
and the occasional Lapras will also give you status problems up the wazoo.
It's a very good archtype and there's little you can do with this deck to
metagame it. Just warning you.

    You know all this time I've been thinking about those chicks and
rabbits. For their own safety they can't be allowed to roam freely. I'm
going to go make an appeal to my secretary on the animal's behalf. Maybe
she'll bend for their good. Maybe she'll gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon.
I never know anymore.

    OK...I've decided that we can''t let these animals run around. Things
can fall on them and they might choke on electrical cords or get squished by
overweight, nearsighted patients. It's really for their own good that
we...huh? You've penned them up already? Well that's great! I'm glad you've
thought this out. We really don't need the Humane Society banging on the
    I'm going to go fill out some paperwork and maybe get some cappucino
downstairs...what's that? You penned them up to make room for what? A
HORSE??? You're going to bring a horse into MY waiting room? What if it eats
those flytraps? Well, I'll actually allow that, but still...and what's a
horse got to do with Easter anyway?
    Oh. The farmer threw it into the chick and rabbit deal because he liked
    I'm no longer going for cappucino. I'm now going for some bourbon. By
today's end, I'll need it. I just know it.

                Happy Easter and Good Luck!!

                   Dr. Crash Landon

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