I put my foot down today. Unfortunately it landed in kitty litter.

So while Luther on the ground floor is giving my loafer a good clean and
shine, I'm left to deal with a feline menace named Twizzler.

My secretary, who is ordinarily the iciest person ever to come down the
pike, apparently DOES have a soul hidden deep somewhere and it manifests
itself in the form of her being a cat lover.

She's adopted this 3 pound whirling dervish of kitten calamity and it's
having its way with my office. She claims it must be here until it's
properly litter trained, otherwise it will piddle all over her apartment,
which is fine by ME.

Good news: Twizzler seems to be learning that the box isn't just for making
sand castles.

Bad news: Twizzler seems to be learning that whatever isn't a litter box is
obviously a cat toy.

  My curtains are shredded, my fish have retreated under their rocks,
presumably never to show their faces again so long as they shall live, and
three of my appliances have been rendered useless due to their power cords
being chewed through. For those of you who wonder if cats really have nine
lives, the answer is YES. Three times now Twizzler should have been reduced
to a twitching lump of kitty-carbon from 30,000 volts of direct current
coursing through his system, but he seems to be just fine, if not a bit

  So be careful of lingering Twizzler droppings as you step into my office,
and if you feel a tiny tornado of vicious kitty wrath swirling at your heel,
don't bend over to fix the problem. You will only lose a finger. Having
warned you, let's get this deck fix underway.

   This deck is a ne evolution electric/water, what i try to do is surprise
   every one by making them think a fighting deck
   could crush this deck, when i would have the advantage,with all the
   pokemon that are actually resistant to fighting.
   i've made many alterations to this deck already, and i find it does quite
   well, but could use a tuning, basically the statedgy
   use lapras to stall and use water gun while your powering up the big
   guns(zapdos buzz and articuno), then retreat lapras
   and roast em while they're wet! well here it is, thanks -Chris

   4 lapras
   1 articuno
   12 water energy
   1 electabuzz
   2 fossil zapdos
   1 base zapdos
   17 electric energry
   1 aerodactyl
   2 farfetch'd
   4 bill
   2 oak
   3 energy removals
   2 energy retrivals
   2 gust of wind
   2 energy search
   2 potion
   1 pokeball
   2 mysterious fossil

    Well immediately I notice that you're over your 60 card limit. Relax,
this is probably a slight error since it's only by one card. You can fix
this right away by getting rid of that lone PokeBall. It's not that teriffic
a card. You'll only reap the benefits 50% of the time and there's cards that
do the same thing with no risk of losing out. There, now we're cooking with
Crisco and you've got 60 cards.

This is a refreshing excursion from the typical DamageSwap and Haymaker
decks I see a lot. It's not without possibilities, but the journey's not
quite done. Here's some initial trouble spots:

  You only have 12 Pokemon. While it's possible to scrape by with this low
number, it's very tough. If you want to have any kind of a bench going, you
should consider increasing the amount to around 15. The fact that you're
using mostly Basics gives you stable working ground.

  Your Energy count is way too high. 29 Energy is almost half your deck,
meaning that about 50% of your draws will be Energy. This will cause
problems when you need a good bench warmer or card drawing power and get
stuck with a lousy Water Energy. Even when using fatties like Zapdos and
Articuno, you don't need 29 Energy. We'll fix this up in a bit.

OK, let's focus on your Pokemon right now. The Fossil Zapdos can go. They
don't hit like the Base Set one and the HP is less too. What you should do
is add another Base Set Zapdos. His 60 point attack is strong despite the
occasional kickback. Thundershock is also a great way to take someone out
before Zapdos bites the big one the following turn.

Now, remove one of the Laprases. Don't misunderstand me. Lapras is a
wonderful Pokemon and its card is very playable. But it has one big problem:
the overwhelming popularity of Electabuzz. If an opposing Electabuzz puts
out a lucky Thunderpunch, then it's bye-bye Lapras in a one hit KO. You
don't want your deck to be overly victimized by Electabuzzes and there are
plenty being played out there. This is more of a meta-game strategy than

Speaking of Electabuzz, there's absolutely no reason why you can't fit more
than one into this deck. He's got no drawbacks anywhere. Period. Electabuzz
is quite possibly the most perfect Pokemon in the game now. He's a big step
toward beating Raindance decks and makes a great starter. Play 3 Buzzes with
3 Lapras and you'll have a good early game arsenal.

Add another Articuno. He's too good to have just one and having one of any
Pokemon is a bad idea to begin with. If it gets stuck in the prize pile,
then you could very well be screwed. 2 Articunos opposite 2 Base Set Zapdos
will make up your big guns.

Aerodactyl is a very nice idea to this deck. He will screw up most anything
other than a Potpourri or Haymaker deck and with the Resistances to
Fighting, Haymakers will be hard pressed to hurt you. So my advice is to
definitely add another Aerodactyl to this mix. His colorless attack meshes
nicely into the fray if he must fight. One tip: beware of Aerodactyl getting
gusted out against a Scyther. Scyther will rip Aerodactyl a new tailbase due
to double damage for Weakness. As a response to adding another Aerodactyl,
you can put in one more Mysterious Fossil.

You already have enough Fighting Resistance with Zapdos, Articuno and
Aerodactyl. So it seems redundant to include a Pokemon with lesser HP like
Farfetch'd just for the Resistance. Instead I'd suggest putting in 2
Kangaskhans. Movie Promo Mewtwo is very popular as well and Kangaskhan can
shrug off most of the damage while netting you extra cards. 90 HP is very
good for a Basic.

      Oh shoot, my secretary is calling me outside. I'd better go see what
appliance I've lost now...
     Yes? Why are you laughing? What's so..oh my. Hehehee..that's cute. Hey
look at this! Twizzler got his head stuck inside my coffee pot and now he's
rolling around trying to get out. Hey's he's licking the pot's insides.
Maybe he likes coffee? Just what I need, a supercharged kitten on a caffiene

Hey...he's licking...the pot's insides...YUCK!! I have to drink my coffee
out of that pot!! Get that thing off his head and send it to the surgical
labratory on the 6th floor for sterilization!! Ewwww! I'm not gonna drink
Twizzler's Choice in the morning!

All right, before I was so grossed out by that monster...I was going to
alter your Trainers, that was it next. Yeah...ewww.

    Well there are very few real errors made in the Trainers which is good.
I'd add another Energy Retrieval so that you can stand a chance against a
deck with heavy Energy Removal.

Another thing I would add would be some Scoop Ups and Mr. Fuji's. Since
you're working with Basics on the whole, Scoop Up will help you in battle,
and Fuji will help an ailing bench warmer. Since Fuji recycles your Energy
into your deck, I'd consider putting in more Fujis than Scoop Ups.

I don't see Energy Removal as being a big part of this deck. You have
quick hitters and late game powerhouses with evolution control. This should
be you strategy, not Energy control. The places occupied by the Energy
Removals would probably be better used for some defensive Trainers to get
you out of sticky spots such as...

Switch. Your Pokemon are packing quite the hefty retreat costs. It's a big
waste of Energy to retreat all the time, so Switch. I'd put in at least 3,
if not 4, considering the retreat costs we're dealing with here.

The Energy Searches are unnecessary. With just 2 types of Energy, you
won't have a hard time getting the kind you need. Ditch those 2 cards. The
potions are also nearly pointless. All your Pokemon have good HP. You can
have much better cards than Potions. My recommendations would be a Computer
Search and an Item Finder. Getting what you need, when you need it, from
wherever it is, will win you games.

        As far as Energy goes, I'd lower it down to 24 Energy with the
inclusion of a few Double Colorless Energy for the Kangaskhans and

       Oooh I can hear Twizzler meowing angrily over something...I only hope
the leather backed chairs in the waiting room are still intact, or I'm gonna
have me a kitty trophy in my den real soon. Before I go tempt fate by
checking on the cat, I'll give you my revision of your deck. That way, one
of us can leave here a sane human being.

3 Laprases
3 Electabuzz
2 Base Set Zapdos
2 Articunos
2 Aerodactyls
2 Kangaskhans

4 Bills
2 Professor Oaks
2 Gusts of Wind
3 Switches
3 Energy Retrievals
2 Mr. Fujis
1 Scoop Up
3 Mysterious Fossils
1 Item Finder
1 Computer Search

3 Double Colorless Energy
11 Water Energy
10 Electric Energy

   Eureka! You're cured, so is your deck, walk out with your head held
high, mostly to keep from making eye contact with that kitten. Oh yeah,
please pay my secretary as you go. I think she has a crush on the guy at the
bank's drive through window. He's a jerk, definitely her type.

So are my chairs still chairs? Well I'll be. Twizzler left them alone. Now
where is that little guy?
Whattya mean "You don't know"?? You let him out of your sight?? Well the
door hasn't opened recently, right? I mean, he couldn't have gone...ow! A
chunk of plaster just fell into my eye! (Looking up) Twizzler!! What are you
doing hanging from the ceiling fan??
      This oughta teach him to leap to where he shouldn't be. (Flips switch)
Let's see if he likes "Turbo"....he he. No don't get him down, he's gotta
learn that curiosity's gonna kill this little kitty. See, he's losing grip,
he'll just tumble down to the carpet on his feet. Cats are graceful like
that. Ok, he's losing it, he's got the claws out for impact. I think he's
gonna make his leap anytime...there he goes!!
No, not my leather backed chairs!!!! Oh man...Twizzler!!!!!

                         Good Luck!
       Dr. Crash Landon  (and Twizzler)

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