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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 12:11:04 +0100

>from dj@pjenkins.in2home.co.uk
>date: Sat 16 April
>Hi, I've got a deck which has won me a couple of games, but I need some help. Here it is:
>Pokemon: 22
>4 Chansey
>4 Bulbasaur
>3 Ivysaur
>3 Venusaur
>3 Scyther
>3 Doduo
>2 Dodrio
>Trainers: 18
>4 Pokemon Center
>4 Bill
>2 Prof. Oak
>2 Computer Search
>1 Pokemon breeder
>2 Defender
>1 GOW
>1 Energy Removal
>1 Super Enegy Removal
>18 Leaf Enegy
>2  DCE
>My deck centers around Chanseys double edge. What I do is use bills, computer searches and oaks to get card advantage, and get out at least 2 chanseys, a dodrio and a venusaur. The Scythers are there for support (it's a really good card). I have a Chansey or a Scyther building up on energy every turn, and then when I have a Venusaur and Dodrio active, I use Chanseys double edge. If I think the Chansey will get KO'd, I attach a defender. Next turn I retreat Chansey for free with Dodrios Pokemon Power, then Put forward another Chansey and trans energy onto it. I attach a defender if nessescary, and use double edge. Next turn I retreat Chansey for free, and trans the energy away. Then I use a Pokemon center, but I lose no Energy because it is trans'd away. When I retreated the Chansey, I put forward a scyther or dodrio, but I can retreat it for free, and put a chansey forward again. This deck can stall, and deal 80 damage per turn. I am thinking about leaving out the dodrio line and putting in switches, but I don't know. I don't think I need so much energy, as it is being trans'd around a lot.
>     Thanks for your help,
>             David Jenkins


Wow David!  I must say that's a fairly original deck design! Major Kudo's on describing the strategy for me! 

I'd like to put my 2 cents in (and if you have been reading my reviews lately I bet you can guess what I'm gonna suggest... )

Scoop Up!

By adding this great card, you can further abuse the "Double Edge then Trans energy off him and heal him" Strategy.  Now when you use Double Edge you can either Trans the energy onto a Pokemon with no damage counters and use Pokemon Center, OR you can Trans Energy off and then Scoop Chansey Up as well!

I like the Dodrio idea(I'm using this line in my TCG game as we speak) but I think Scoop Up makes it unnecessary so I'd take them out for more Scythers... I'd forgotten how great Scyther is when you play with Grass Energy(once again, a tidbit from my recent TCG experiences!)

Here's my "Fix"

4 Chansey
4 Scyther
4 Bulbasaurs
3 Ivysaurs
3 Venasaurs
2 Ditto

4 Bill
3 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Center
3 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind (Disruption)

14 Leaf Energy
4 Energy Search

Note:  By adding another Venasaur, you'll be able to set up the combo more often.  I've noticed in decks that consistently get out Venasaur usually draw too much Energy late in the game when you want good cards much more.  To combat this I added 4 Energy Search to find the Grass energy early when you need it, and at the same time thin your deck out for later in the game!  Don't laugh... it makes a difference!!  I also upped the DCE count to 4, it works wonders with Chansey, Scyther, and Ditto.

Hope this helps...have fun!