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From: STEVENDJR@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:43:19 EDT

>Dear Aaron,
>I just created a new deck a few days ago that I call Muk Madness. As you can
>tell the "leader" of this deck is Muk because of his great stats. 70HP, an
>attack that does 30 damage AND has a chance to poison, plus it has power that
>renders all other powers useless(can you say Mr. Mime killer?). Scyther and
>Farfetch'd(a wanna be Scyther) add resistance to Haymakers, which are common
>in my area. Dodrio(if both are out) converts all retreat costs to ZERO! Talk
>about speed! I put Turos in for resistance to psychic, plus he's a decent
>hitter. Energy and Super Energy Removal can dry my oponent's pokemon. Gambler
>and Mr. Fugi help replenish my draw pile. I use Oak, Bill, Trader, and
>Computer Search to speed Muk into the game. I know this deck could use some
>help, so PLEASE HELP!
>         Steven Davis(www.stevend64@aol.com
>Pokemon(18)            Trainers(20)             22 Grass Energy
>x4 Grimer                    x 4 Bill
>x3 Muk                        x 2 Professor Oaf
>x2 Scyther                   x 4 Energy Removal
>x2 Doduo                      x4 Super Energy Removal
>x2 Dodrio                      x1 Computer Search
>x2 Turos                        x2 Pokemon Trader
>                                    x2 Mr. Fugi
>                                    x1 Gambler


Another good Grass deck!  That's 2 this week, why aren't there more Grass decks these days?  There are absolutely NO Pokemon with resistance to Grass that I can think of (Never say never) and with the addition of Ditto there are more than enough basic Pokemon to choose from!

On a sadder note, I'm afraid I'm gonna have 'ta diss Dodrio again this week!  While it's a novel idea, reducing retreat cost doesn't do much when you've got 4 Scythers in a deck that retreat for free anyway!  The bottom line is Retreat Aid is a defensive measure, and this is an offensive deck so... the bird gets the boot!

Speaking of Defensive measures, Toxic Gas Rocks!!! (Although I guess it literally stinks).  Muk is a great card, backed up by a great basic in the form of Grimer.  An attack that can paralyze for 1 Colorless???  WOW!  I'm surprised this guy hasn't been splashed into non-grass decks for Muk's Poke Power.

Here's my "Fix"

4 Scyther
4 Grimer
3 Muk(may as well run 3, even if Power does nothin the attack's good)
3 Ditto
2 Pinsir

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Plus Power
4 Energy Removal
4 Item Finder
3 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Wind

16 Grass

I slightly lowered the Energy but I think a mono-color deck should be fine, don't be afraid to blaze thru the deck with all the card drawing and Item Finders if necessary.  The deck needed oomph so I added Plus Power, and Scoop Up works wonders with Ditto!

Hope this helps...have fun!