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From: Antman1435@aol.com
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 17:13:44 EDT

>Here is my deck, I really think it is cool and I beat my friends a lot. If
>there is anything wrong with this deck please fix-it.
>2x Mr.Mime
>3x Jynx
>3x Gastly(F)
>2 Haunter (1 F, 1 Base)
>1x Gengar
>1x Ditto
>1x Chansey
>2x Dratini
>1x Dragonair
>2x Scyther
>1x Abra
>1x Kadabra
>1x Alakazam
>1x Computer Search
>2x Potion
>2x Energy Removal
>1x Pokeball
>2x Switch
>1x Super Potion
>1x Gust of Wind
>1x Maintenance
>2x Recycle
>2x Bill
>1x Lass
>1x Energy Retrieval
>21 Psychic Energy
>1 DCE(Double Colorless Energy)
>I like to use Mr. Mime for a long time, but I don't play him if a Muk is in
>play. I also like to Stall with Abra and Chansey. I use CPU Search and
>recycle them back to keep getting those cards I need, or just to get my deck
>shuffled because I am doing bad in drawing a card before my turn. I not only
>stall the opponent to make them run out of cards but to get my benched
>pokemon Pumped Up. I use my GoW to make pokemon easy kill with Scyther and
>Gengar. By the time I get passed that part the game is over, and that is my
>strategy for when I play this deck.
> Please reply on this deck, I have sent this deck to lots of other people and
>the still haven't fixed it yet, even at Pojo.


Antman gets a D- from the Aaron's School of Deck Building!  Apparently he hasn't been doing his homework or he would have noticed my article about Multiples posted on my garage! 

I could atleast justify the use of single cards if they were good cards, sadly choices like Pokeball and Base Haunter are far from good.  Aparently Antman didn't read my article on Deck Building where I pointed out what cards belong in decks and what cards belong in the trash can.

For all you "Antmen" out there, read and apply all the info posted on my garage.  I've got over 6 years of card playing experience under my belt, I'm not making this stuff up!  If you disagree with me (totally your right) then use the other PoJo Mechanics!  Combined our garages hold some of the best Pokemon strategy on the net!