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From: "clifford gray" <allgrays@email.msn.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 11:30:48 -0700

>Last night I made a deck,is it good or not?
>3 charmander
>2 charmelon
>1 charlizard
>2 ponyta
>1 rapidash                         3 pokemon ceter
>14 fire energy                    2 super potion
>                                            3 doudle colorless energy
>                                            2 plus power
>3 squirtle
>2 wartortle
>1 blastosie
>2 seel
>1 dewgong
>14 water enegy


To answer your question... NOT!

Does this deck come even close to following ONE of the deck building rules posted on my garage?  Lets look...

-Use 14 Basic Pokemon:  I only see 10 basics, can you say Muligan?

-Use 20 Trainers:  Hmmm, while Super Potion is ultra-tech (please note  heavy sarcasm) 7 trainers ain't gonna cut it!

-Use 26 Energy:  Mmmm Boy!  More than half the cards in your deck are energy... your sure to draw lots of game breakers that way!

Please folks, take my guidelines to heart.  If you've forgot about them, go read them!  While I try to respond to every deck sent to me, you have a much beter chance of having my full attention if you atleast look at and apply some of the info I've posted on my garage!


P.S.  I just noticed your deck was only 56 cards... sigh.