Hello. I told my secretary to make you an appointment as soon as possible
since you plan upon going to a tournament soon.
   You look a little unseasoned to the game. I can usually tell the veterans
from the rookies.

    Come into my office, have a seat and tell me about your deck.

>Sup Pojo.  I am new to pokemon and noticed so many people are playing
>haymakers.  I realized that the best way to counter a haymaker is to build
>one that resistes the other.  In an atempt to be origanal I added a
>please tell me what I should do I wan't my deck to be the best it can be. 
>have an incredible amount of money so please add some cheap (and some
>expensive) suggestions.  Here is my Anti hay/hay/staller deck
>4 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>1 Chansy
>4 Jynx
>3 Lickititungs
>2 Mr Mimes
>2 Jigglypuffs
>25 Psycic Energy
>3 Energy Removals
>4 Gust of Winds
>3 Plus Powers
>3 Bills
>3 Pokemon centers
>1 Prof oak
>Thanx for reading my deck.  Unless it's to much of a hassle I would like a
>reply soon.  I'm entering a large tournament in a couple of days and I
>like to bring a modified deck.  I hope to hear from you soon

     Your problem as I see it is mostly just nerves. Your deck isn't set
quite right for its purpose however. I'll recommend some changes to get you
feeling more secure.

     I looked for some cheaper cards to fix this deck with. Unfortunately
the choices were less than ideal. The best cheap card was Farfetch'd and
he's weak to Electric. D'oh!!
     Being on a limited budget in this game is a very harsh thing in the
tournament environment. Most players have nothing but the best and unless
you have the same, you're in for a tough fight. I can recommend cards, but
the ones you need may be higher priced due to their effectiveness,
popularity and the fact that Pokemon Cards are the hottest thing out there
now. I'm just warning you that you may want to save up for a few weeks
before jumping into a Tourney.
     I've gone to numerous tournaments myself and I assure you that nobody
really minds an amateur player just watching. I know you really want to
compete, but the way tournaments are right now, the money may be better
spent upon cards you need rather than buying your way into a contest you're
not quite ready for. Think about this. I wouldn't mention it if I didn't
think it was a good idea.
     On to the deck now.

     Your choice in Pokemon has one basic error. Using Normal (colorless)
Pokemon against a Haymaker deck is going to get you nowhere usually. You
see, Normal Pokemon are weak to Fighting types. A Hitmonchan will smash your
Jigglypuff to pieces before you can even retaliate. You should use flying
Pokemon and more Psychic too. Of course Flying types ARE weak to Electric
types and most Haymakers have Electabuzzes as well. Guess that's why it's
such a tough deck to face. :)

     Lose the Jigglypuffs, and the Lickitungs. As Fighting weak types, they
are a liability to your deck. Try to get some Mewtwos and another Chansey.
Yes, Chansey is weak to Fighting, but he can prevent 50% of attacks and has
a whopping 120 HP. He's a great wall, even against Haymaker decks. Mewtwo
isn't that hot a card right now. He should be semi-easy to get.
     Try to get your hands on some Scythers, Fossil Gastlys and Haunters,
Alakazams and more Mr. Mimes too.

      As for Trainers, the Energy Removals won't help you much. Haymaker
moves so fast that energy removal doesn't phase it a whole lot. Take them
out and also take out the Plus Powers. In a Stall deck, time is your friend,
not power. Lose 2 of those PokeMon Centers too. It's a good last ditch card,
and in the proper deck a game winner. It has that potential here, but not
quite yet. Keep one.

      You should add another Bill and another Professor Oak. Also put in
some Computer Searches and some Super Potions. Also add 4 Double Colorless
Energy and remove 4 Psychic.

      If building the deck, here's what I would aim for:

    3 Mr. Mimes
    2 Mewtwos
    3 Gastlys (Fossil)
    2 Haunters (Fossil)
    3 Abras
    2 Kadabras
    2 Alakazams
    3 Scythers (Slash uses just Colorless Energy. Swords Dance is almost
useless, so don't worry about having no Grass Energy.)

    4 Bills
    2 Professor Oaks
    2 Pokemon Centers
    3 Gusts of Wind
    3 Super Potions
    1 Computer Search

    21 Psychic Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy

    A deck like this is really tough on pocket change. But it's definitely
worth saving up for, and Christmas IS coming...hint hint hint. I'm very
sorry that there really isn't a budget alternative, but if you want to stand
a chance, you need to run with the big guys.
    FYI, the deck type, in my own experience, that gives Haymakers a run for
its money the most is: Haymaker.

      Well you're not cured, but you're well on the way to wellness.
Sometimes there's just no easy fix. If you have any more concerns, please
feel free to call upon me.
      My secretary would just love to accept payment on the way out. It's
her job.

           Good luck!

          Dr. Crash