>This deck can't be beat it's beaten many of my friends and no card has
 >been knocked out. it has no trainers
 >5 Grass energy
 >5 fire energy
 >5 water energy
 >5 electric energy
 >5 fighting energy
 >1 Bulbasaur
 >1 Ivysaur
 >2 Venusaur
 >1 Sqirtle
 >1 WarTolte
 >2 Blastoise
 >1 Charmander
 >1 Charmeleon
 >2 Charizard
 >1 Machop
 >1 Machoke
 >2 Machamp
 >1 Pikachu
 >3 Raichu
 >1 Magikarp
 >1 Garydose
 >1 Chansey
 >1 Nidoran
 >1 Nidorino
 >1 Nidoking
 >1 Hitmochan
 >1 Magtemite
 >3 Magneton
 >4 Pokemon Breeder

And next on our THRASHFEST '99 list is Holo Heaven.  Once again, there are
TOO MANY COLORS!  Hell, there are more colors in this deck than a bowl of
Lucky Charms!  And this deck isn't "magically delecious".
   Maybe you don't realize that it is hard to evolve IF YOU DON'T GET THE
BASICS YOU NEED!  You seem to be so worried about getting your "holos"  that
you put multiples of them in instead of your early basics.  Adding more holo
evolves than basics is like saying "I'm adding coffee to my sugar."  I mean,
you only have 1 Magnemite, and 3 Magneton!  Are you afraid you aren't going
to draw your big baddies?    And look at that energy.  5 for each color.  Do
you really think that you are going to get the energy you need?  Venusaur
takes 4, Gyrados takes at least 3, and the others still take alot.  You
can't play with the big boys if you don't pay up, and this lunch money for
energy just won't work.

Bob:  Hey, playing with big poekmon helps you win in this game.  Not many
pokemon can take 60 points of damage?

Chipmunk:  IF HE EVER ATTACKS!  That's one of the things that pisses me off.
  You get all of these little rich kids buying holos left and right and
making decks with them, and they turn up like crap.  They can't even spend
their money on buying decent cards like, I don't know, ENERGY!

Bob:  But he can use all of those holo-foiled cards.  He is winning games.

Chipmunk:  That pisses me off even more.  It's the fact that puny decks like
this are WINNING that really drives me to the edge.

Bob:  But you don't have a working vehicle right now.  You just have a bike.

Chipmunk:  Just because the Shitmobile(the car I drive) is out of order
doesn't mean a thing.  Decks like this shouldn't be winning.  FOR THE LOVE

Bob:  Can't you just feel the love in this room?