>        We had a street tournament in my house. Not to many people signed
 > as I hoped (3). Here is what happened:
 >         Round 1: Dan Vs Dan
 >         This round ended when my brother forfeited(zzzzzz).
 >         Round 2: Tom(me) Vs Dan
 >         I pick up my cards and get a machop and a diglet. Dan gets Machop
 > Machoke and Machamp + magikarp and Gyrardos.
 >         (exuse me if I sound a little skeptical)
 >            He forgets about energies Bye Bye magikarp. His next big
 > evolving with no energies. I pick up a vulpix. Next turn I pick a diglet
 > a charmander then a ooh ahh NINETALES goodbye Machamp! Next turn oh look
 > that he forgot his basics! Game over and I win NOTHING!
 > Pokemon:
 > 1 ninetails
 > 2 vulpix
 > 1 arcanine
 > 2 growlithes
 > 4 Charmeleons (buying a charizard soon!)
 > 3 charmanders
 > 2 ponyta
 > 1 magmar
 > 1 diglet
 > 2 machamps
 > 4 machokes
 > 3 machops
 > 16 fire energies
 > 10 fighting energies
 > 1 energy retrieval
 > 1 pokedex
 > 1 poketrader
 > 4 potions
 > 2 bills

Next in line for THRASHFEST '99 is Blazing Boxers.  You competed in a
tourny?  Have you ever heard of the saying, "Liar, lair, pants on fire"?  Or
in your case "boxers" on fire?  A tourny needs more than 3 PEOPLE?  I can
have a tourny bigger than that in MY BATHROOM!  And let me tell you, it's
   This deck is kinda better than some of the other THRASHFEST decks, but it
makes many obvious mistakes.  WHY THE HELL DO YOU PLAY MORE MIDDLES?  I see
3 Charmander and 4 CHARMELEON!  And you win tournies too(excuse me if I
sound skeptical also).  For the LOVE OF BOB!  Little 6-8 year olds at least
have more common sense than to put more evolves than basics.  Or are you a
grade school drop-out like your hero, Ash?  At least that would make more
   Oh, and those trainers are AWESOME....snicker...Man, look at that healing
power...snicker... 4 POTIONS!  Oh, and look at your speed.  You have 2
Bills.  Man, you must be able to run thru your deck faster than a racist
thru a South Central.  And GO POKEDEX and TRADER!  Once again, it looks like
a little cardboard man has more common sense than it's trainer.  Maybe you
should let your trader make a deck for you.  It'd probably work better.

Bob:  Chipmunk, this deck is pretty decent.  It only plays 2 colors, and has
enough energy to play both of them effectively.   He uses many powerful
cards like Ninetails and Machamp.  I don't see why this deck belongs in
THRASHFEST, except that your warped mind thinks it belongs here.

Chipmunk:  HEY!  Just because I stuck the knife in the electrical socket
about 5-6 too many times DOES NOT mean that my mind is warped.  Its just
logically challenged.  And the reason this deck made the spotlight is the
fact that you don't have to play 5 colors to have a crappy deck.  There are
different mistakes.

Bob:  Like you being brought on to this earth?  Or the misspelling of potato
(Dan Quail(spelling?)) caliber?

Chipmunk:  These or more like flushing a cherry bomb down a pot and then
taking a dump on the same one mistakes.

Bob:  Ouch.