>This is a great deck!  I have beatten my freinds 50 times and none of the
 >kids in my school dare to face me.
 >I have never entered it in a tournament because there are none in denver.
 >It combines three types of pokemon
 >which cover for each other. Example: Poliwrath has a weakness to grass and
 >charmander(charmealeon) can murder most grass with 1 or 2 hits.  Also this
 >deck has a weekness to electric.
 >8 fire energy
 >1 Vulpix
 >1 Ninetales
 >1 Charmander
 >1 Charmeleon
 >5 water energy
 >1 Poliwag
 >1 Poliwhirl
 >1 Poliwrath
 >4 grass energy
 >1 Weedle
 >1 Tangela
 >1 Bulbasaur
 >1 Ivysaur
 >9 fighting energy
 >2 Dratini
 >1 Dragonair
 >1 Pidgey
 >1 Pidgeotto
 >1 Diglett
 >1 Farfetch'd
 >2 Psychic energy
 >1 Gastly
 >1 Haunter
 >2 energy removel
 >1 pokemon trader
 >1 pokemon breeder
 >2 gust of wind
 >1 switch
 >1 pokedex
 >1 bill
 >1 energy retreivel

It's that time again, folks.  No, not time to change grandma's diapers. 
IT'S THRASHFEST '99!!!  Just when you thought decks couldn't get any worse,
these decks appear.  Let's dive into this delicacy.
   Once again, 5 COLORS!!!  It's bad enough that some people go 3 colors,
and maybe a 4th for colorless attacks, BUT 5!  When you say that you have
beaten your friends over 50 times, and none dare to face you, is that
because they feel sorry for you because the only way you win is to pay off
your opp.?  I mean, you play GASTLY and HAUNTER!  Not only that, but you
only have 2 PSYCHIC ENERGY to use on them.  And why the hell do you have
fighting energy in the deck?  I see no fighting/ground pokemon at all.  It's
a waste of space, just like this whole deck.  Wait, I see one.  THAT RIGHT,
1!!!  A diglett.  You saved 8 FIGHTING ENERGY for DIGLETT?!?! o.o???  You
know, there are places that can help you get off of that crack abuse.  You
definately get on the stuff before you make decks.
   Man, I could go on all day about how your pokemon suck.  Hell, this deck
is more annoying than Richard Simmons.  The thing that seperates them is
that THIS DECK WON'T GO AWAY!  This is the load of crap that I flush down
the toilet when I get done.
   Oh, but wait, there's more.  You play a Breeder.  The only thing it helps
is Poliwrath.  Reason for adding in the deck?  Is there any?  I didn't think
so.  And what's with the spread of trainers that don't work that well.  Some
are decent, but Pokedex?  You watch that T.V. show too much?  Dexter don't
help you that well in this game.  At least, not through sifting through this
pile of shit.  A nice pair of rubber gloves will help you there.

Bob:  Chipmunk.  You're at it again?  You are supposed to help nourish and
help the many beginning players of this fine game.  They just need to learn
how to play the right cards and build the right deck with good cards.

Chipmunk:  Look.  I don't believe that I should be wasting my time with
people that ask me to rate their MASTER decks when they could just damn well
look at some of the decks that I have posted up already to fix their decks.

Bob:  You seem not to notice that many of your THRASHFEST decks' creators
are smarter than the DCI.

Chipmunk:  That's not really hard to do, though.  But I think it's a
conspiracy, though.  I went to WotC's site, and I tried to check my ranking,
and it was a maze.  I think they enjoy pissing people off.

Bob:  At least you're not getting pissed on.