First off, no offense to all the other 'mechanics', but I think that you
are the best one of all of them.  Simply because you seem to be the only one
that doesn't care that some of your critisizm is harsh, but I think that is
what makes an 'editor' a good one.  So here is my deck, I've played it
against friends & family, and it has only lost a couple times.  I'd like to
know if you could think of a way to fix it up a little though.

3 Fire Energy
22 Grass Energy

2 Exeggcute
1 Exeggutor
3 Rattata
2 Raticate
1 Kangaskhan
2 Jigglypuff
1 Wigglytuff
4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venasaur

1 Switch
1 Prof Oak
1 Potion
1 Clefairy Doll
2 Pokèmon Center
1 Gust of Wind
1 Pokèdex
1 Item Finder
1 Computer Search
2 Bill
2 Energy Removal

Now, I know what your probably sayin': "Well what are you sending me this
deck for if it seems to do so well?"  The answer is this:  If I can't find
some way to modify it to make it a little better or different in some way, I
was going to de-construct it to make some other type of deck.  I can gain
access to pretty much any type of card, so any suggestions would do.  The
deck works like this:  I use Ven.'s Pkmn Pwr to transfer energy to my active
(most of which have expensive attacks).  I like to use the Raticate/Vena.
combo (Super Fang + Solar beam = gauranteed ko), and the Exegcute/Vena.
combo (obvious).  So how could you help me with this deck?

Thanks for your time in reading my letter.  And I hope you post this, or at
least respond to it.

-Michael DeBord (Mr. Mime)
  Delmar, DE

ACH!  o.o  You are very lucky, you know that?  I almost THRASHFESTed this. 
The big reason is that you were modest and humble.  I guess I can fix this
deck normally, and THRASHFEST another deck that is screaming to be beat.
    I don't understand the 3 fire energy.  Why are they in here when none of
the pokemon really use fire?  I would replace them with double colorless
energy.  That way you can speed up Raticate and Eggsecutor.
    Your families need to be fixed also.  Running 2/1 is a no-no.  Unless
you can get more, I would take the Jiggly/Wiggly line out.  You also need
another Eggsecute and Eggsecutor.  Oh, and yes, I am a programmer.  That is
why I cannot spelll.  Just letting the world know that.
   Your trainers are kinda messed up.  First of all, you don't need clefairy
doll, so take that little thing out.  I would also take out other trainers
that do you no good.  In order for a trainer to be effective, you need to
have multiples of it in your deck.  Now, I'm not saying you need 4 of a
trainer, but you need to have at least 2 for them to have any influence. 
The only trainer that doesn't have to do this is Computer Search.  That
trainer seems to work with jsut 1 of it in a deck, just like Kangaskhan.
    That's the best I could do with this deck.  Have fun beating friends and

     Bob:  Wow.  That was some amazing self-control.  I saw you really
wanting to beat that deck down.  Bravo.  You must be learning.
     Chipmunk:  Who, me?  o.o?  Nope.  I am actually anxious about the new
magazine.  This actually sounds like a magazine that is good to read that
has pokemon in it.  And 170 pages?  WOW!
     Bob:  You sold out, didn't you?
     Chipmunk:  No, but I am bored.  I guess I can start reading the Pojo
Guide! *holds up the Pojo Magazine*  WOW!  Fossil information!  A big price
guide!  And MORE!
     Bob:  Do you really have to act like a commercial?  I'm starting to
miss the old Chipmunk.  And get that thing out of your hands.  That's not
supposed to be out until NOVEMBER!
     Chipmunk:  Ok, fine.   Oh, and guess what I get to rub in?
     Bob:  Oh no.  Look, I kinda knew that was going to happen because
people that liked me didn't care to write in.
     Chipmunk: *interrupts*  Guess what the score was on who everybody liked
better?  Bob: 2.  Me:  EVERYONE ELSE!  HOODY HOO!  Umm... I believe I have
gloating and bragging rights.  It's ok, Bob.  2 people out there loved you. 
And besides, I only ask of 1 thing, and then I will just forget the whole
      Bob:  But do I really have to wear a Gastly suit?  I mean, you kill
enough of them as it is.  Can't we just all get along?
      Chipmunk:  Ok, no Gastly suit.  *snaps fingers*  Although, you could
get me a date with one of those good looking angels up there.  And give me
some inside info.
      Bob:  Inside info?  Like what kind of info?
      Chipmunk:  Like who of us is better?  j/k.  Actually how about some
inside stuff on WotC?  How about anything in general?
      Bob:  Well, for one thing, you are going to make 3 judges get hurt
with your big Ditto vs. Ditto Question.  One will rip all of his hair out
thinking of the answer, the next one will jump off of a cliff just trying to
avoid it, and the last one will have a heart attack when he hears you are
going to try to get him to make the call.
      Chipmunk:  Random Violence?  HOODY HOO!  Too bad they aren't the
actual DCI.  I'd be alot more happier if they were, because then it would do
the whole world some good.
      Bob:  Chip, one is a DCI worker.  And then Brian Brokaw will must up
to the task and answer it.
      Chipmunk:  Good 'ol Brian.  Hey, in case you are reading this, Brian,
here's the deal.  My Opp. has a Ditto active and I have a Scytehr active.  I
also have a Ditto on the bench.  If I retreat Scyther and put in Ditto, will
it be Ditto vs. Ditto or Scyther vs. Scyther?  I think Scyther vs. Scyther
because of the timing rules *starts talking in some high vocabulary that
only Bob can understand* and so, I owuld think that they are both Scyther. 
Basically going on the PlusPower vs. Mr. Mime ruling.  So, what do you
think, Brian?
      Bob:  Wait, you can't go.  You have something to say.  About Gooey.
      Chipmunk:  Oh yeah.  HEY PEOPLE!  There are impostors of many of us on
Gooey.  Me, Buchannan, and El Ravager are on the same computer practically,
until the rest of us can get internet access.  The unique name is
Chipmunk/9(Sorry Buchannan).  If we are any other comp., we will definately
find a way to let the room know.  Oh, and pretending to be us isn't that
great.  Don't do it, or I'll have to sic Bob on ya.  Oh, and Bob.  What is
your answer to the Ditto vs. Ditto?
       Bob:  I'd think they would go Scyther vs. Scyther just to make you
happy, and the fact that you won't quit until people realize that you are
      Chipmunk:  You know me that well?
      Bob:  Let's just say that in 10 seconds, a Gastly is going to turn the
corner, and you are going to pull out your BFG and chase it.  That, and you
debate well.
      Chipmunk:  *Gastly turns corner*  A GASTLY!!!!  *whips out BFG* 
Bigger IS better.  Well, except when it comes to people at Jenny Craig's and
Rosanne.  CHARGE!!!
       Bob:  Not again.