I haven't used this deck before, and didn't want to enter into any
tournaments until I had your input on it.  I don't have any more of the
cards I used except for the Machops, but I can get more.  I plan to replace
one of the Machops with a Hitmonchan, and the other with a Hitmonlee as soon
as possible.

Here it is:

12 Fighting Energies
1 Hitmonlee
2 Hitmonchan
2 Machop

12 Psychic Energies
4 Jynx
4 Abra
3 Kadabra
2 Alakazam

2 Kangaskhan

2 Super Energy Removal
4 Plus Powers
3 Computer Search
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak

     Thank you for taking the time to help me with my deck.
Hmmm.... A haymaker stall deck?  You've caught my attention.  The deck
itself looks very interesting.  There are some tweaks that I would make to
it, though.
    The first thing that screams out to me, besides the fighting pokemon
setup, is that you are REALLY weak to psychic.  All of you fighting and
psychic pokemon are weak to psychic, and the only thing that has a
resistance, if not a weakness at all, is Kangaskhan.  This is a problem.  I
BIG problem.  Even with damage swap from Alakazam, you are going to have
trouble.  The only thing that can save you that could fit that there could
be room for is Mr. Mime.  He's psychic, you could take a few Jynx out for
him, and he can block any hit from a psychic pokemon as long as it's more
than 10.
    Also, your fighting pokemon are looking a little weird to me.  I am
assuming that you have a lack of card stock when you threw in the 2 Machop. 
I would take those Machop out for something as soon as you find a good
replacement.  More of either Hitmo family out fit.
    Your trainers do not look like a stall deck at all.  It looks like you
are running off of speed, and not worrying about stalling at all.  4 Bills
and 3 Oaks can deck you out pretty fast.  The 2 Super Energy Removals don't
help either.  In order for Energy Removal to be effective, you need to have
plenty in the deck.  Super Removal is a strong card, but I don't think
having just 2 of it in a deck will really help you.  You could take those
out and have room for more card spaces.
    The deck is in itself an oxymoron by the way you want to run it.  The
huge weakness to psychic will also get to you.  Try to find some blockers to
psychic, and cut down a bit on the card drawing.  If you go too fast, you
will deck yourself before even getting to switch into stall mode if you have