Hey Chipmunk,Whats up? I'm Just bored and my damn Migraine Finally went
away.I got a deck for you to fix,I wanna see what ya think of it.

Heres My Deck.

4 Scyther
4 Pinsir
3 Jiggly
2 Wiggly
2 Farfetch'd

3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Oak
3 Bill
4 Scoop up
2 Computer Search

22 Grass
4 Double Colorless

This Deck works Pretty good. Now That I added the Bills its a lot better
and I have a better card drawing ability as of before where I played 0.
Please Tell me what you think of it.
Ah, the great Hitmo sent me a deck to fix.  Wow, somebody 48th in the
US/World runs this?  Not bad.  If you would actually take my changes into
effect, this is what I would.
    Pincer is a tough decision.  With the heavy removal enviroment(or what
will be.  Almost done tweaking that deck for now), he is real open.  And he
is not the greatest opening pokemon for you either, not even being able to
attack first turn.  Yes, you can do 70 damage if it works right in the first
3, but he might be dead by then.  The only thing is I don't know who to
replace him with.  I really have no idea who would rather go in.  I am
trying to think of a pokemon that is Grass, so you don't have to split up
your energy between 2 colors.  I really can't think of one.  I would have
said Koffing, but he has the same problem of not attacking 1st turn.  The
status effects are nice, but that's about as much as his ability.  Pincer
would be better in this deck.  I don't know.  If you can find a better one,
replace Pincer with him.  Booster Drafts, on the other hand, are completly
different.  But that's not the subject of this report.
    The only thing I would try to do to your trainers is find a way for Item
Finder.  The Comp. Search helps you in the early game, but what will you do
in the late game?  Item Finder will turn into practically every trainer in
your deck.  I would probably take out a Scoop Up and an Oak, and put 2 Item
Finder in, but that's just me.  If you really need that card drawing for the
Oak, and you can't draw it, you can always Comp. Search for it.
    That's all I would really change to the deck.  This looks like it has
the "Speed Tuff" mentality, but it just doesn't have enough card drawing to
hit that picture.  The main deck that I can see that would crush this deck,
though, is Raindance.  You have nothing to fight it, Pincer can only take 1
shot from Blastoise, and there is just nothing to recover from that.  I
really can't think of anything from Grass to help you fight back, so I guess
you'll probably have to just hope you don't play Raindance.  But with
Articuno and Lapras from Fossil, that's a hard hope to rely on.

     Bob:  I like this guy.  Nice deck.  Fun guy.  Pretty Good.  Top 50.
     Chipmunk:  Are you going to say something longer than 2 words?
     Bob:  No way.  Think not.
     Chipmunk:  Wait.... I saw a Gastly... Gotta go.  I'm goin' Gastly
     Bob: Not again.  Why now?  Stupid vermin.
     Chipmunk:  Could you please say more than 2 words now?
     Bob:  Not sure.