I don't have many of the cards for this deck, but on paper, it works. I
thought that I would submit this deck and get some feedback before spending
a couple hundred dollars buying a lot of rare cards for a deck that might
not work.

     The whole idea of this deck is to decimate your opponents bench, so
any pokemon your opponent replaces his active pokemon with will already be
half dead. Since most basic pokemon are wimps, the goal is to get the raichu
out as soon as possible. Syther is to gaurd against fighting pokemon.
Electabuzz is there because it's a great basic that fits in well. The
pokeballs, and comp. searches help get out the cards you need, while the
great amount of energy insures that you won't run out anytime soon.
Obviously, Bill and prof. oak help with card drawing. Mr. Fuji robs your
opponent of a prize, while allwowing you to replay that pokemon later, while
saving all its energy from the discard pile.

The Deck:

29 Electric Energy

4 Fossil Raichu
4 Jungle Pikachu
4 Syther
3 Electabuzz

4 pokeball
4 comp. search
2 prof. oak
4 Bill
2 Mr. Fuji
This is an idea that will be pushed farther now that Hitmonlee and the new
Raichu is out.  This isn't a bad idea, but there are some changes that I
would definately make.
     The idea is nice, but I'm not so sure about doing this with just the
Pikachu family.  In order for this to work in any way possible, you have to
keep this deck mono-electric.  The scyther are going to greatly help.  I
would add a 4th buzz, though.
     The biggest weakness to this deck besides fighting is energy removal. 
That's just going to land on your raichu and leave him sitting there.  You
can fight back against this by adding energy retrievals.  This way, if
Raichu or Pikachu get removaled on the energy, you can power them back up.
     Your trainers are nice, but I would switch out the pokeballs with
traders.  You need consistancy.  I would also not play as many Computer
Searches.  You don't need that many, and that is also alot of discarding. 
Cut back on those.  If you diversify your trainers more, you might want to
add Item Finder, but I porbably wouldn't just yet.  OH, and you need to play
a third oak.  Yes, you might deck out, but that's just something you are
going to have to train yourself on, and make sure that you don't.  Don't oak
when you draw one.  Just watch your deck and see what you need.  The oaks
give you the speed to keep going constantly, which is what you are going to
have to do anyways to keep your opp. bench damaged.  I would also find a way
to add Gust of Wind, but I'm not sure that it is vital.
And you really don't have to worry about decking, now that I really look at
it.  The constant flow of damage to your opp. bench will help get quick
kills in the late game.  Good idea, and I hope this deck works well for you.
  It shows promise.