This deck consists of Psychic and Colorless types.

My theme deck is called "Psy-Surprise!"

This deck contains the following cards...

4x Abra
3x Kadabra
2x Alakazam
3x Mewtwo
3x Mr. Mime
2x Jynx
2x Chansey
3x Jigglypuff
2x Wigglytuff
2x Lickitung
2x Professor Oak
2x Gust of Wind
2x Double Colorless Energy
28x Psychic Energy

Notes/Comments about deck: This deck is very good, with it's extention of
Pokémon in the deck, it's almost impossible to get a starting hand without a
few basic Pokémon. This is a good combination of offense and defensive
Pokémon, and some that have qualities of both (Mr. Mime!). While this deck
seems more like a staller deck, it is very much like an offensive too. This
deck does quite well when playing against others (I've only lost like maybe
times with this deck). This is a great deck for haters of the rain dance
decks, no more extra energy for that Blastoise after all these confusion

Thank you for your time
Interesting.  Very interesting.  I have seen another version like this,
called Chansey's Revenge, made by El Ravager, but his is built differently. 
Not bad, but I would throw in traders to help pull off Alakazam, and to see
what is in your deck.  This is a very interesting deck, and can very well go
into stall mode.  I think that it also lacks 1 thing.  Pokecenter.  You can
modify this deck so that you can use pokecenter to take away the stored
damage.  It's just an idea, if you can pull it off.  Nice deck.
    The Wigglytuff should(that being the word) work well in the deck, but if
you don't have pokecenter, you might not have the pokemon to let "Do the
Wave" go off.  It is a pretty good deck, though.  I wouldn't be surprised if
you had told me you had won some tournies.