Hello, I am new to Pokemon and I have used this page to help me get a good
understanding of deck construction for pokemon. I have played magic for a
long time and my boy got me stated on pokemon. I can't help it, I like the
game, it must be the child in me. Now, I have read a lot of your stuff and
came up with this deck. If you would take a look and tell me what changes
you think would make it better, I would appreciate it. (Next week I want to
play in the DCI tournament and with my lack of knowledge of fossil, I need
all the help I can get.)

Larry's Haymaker
3 Hitmonchan
2 Hitmonlee
4 Electabuzz
2 Dratini
2 Dragonair
3 Scyther
3 Bills
3 Professor Oaks
3 PlusPowers
4 Energy Removals
3 Super Energy Removals
3 Gusts of Wind
4 Double Colorless Energy
12 Fighting Energy
9 Electric Energy

This deck has done well and placed 1st in a tournament last Sunday. To be
fair most of my competition was young however, some of them were very tuff.

I started off against a fire deck that had the new fossil Magmar in it. I
had two Scythers and one hitmonchan on the draw and one yellow energy. Never
drew a fight energy and got killed quick. ( I get revenge later)

Next I am against a psychic deck with mewtwo in it. It is fast and I stared
with hitmonchan. The 20 min time limit saved me. I only had 6 cards left and
two prizes to go. When he saw I was getting the upper-hand he started to
stall me with Barrier. I got lucky and drew a fighting energy I needed for
hitmonlee. I retreated scyther and knocked out Mr. Mine on the bench. I win
by one prize.

The rest of my games I win with very little problem and I make to the

The evil green deck has Koffing in it. I hate Koffing and I know hitmonchan
hates him too. However, Scyther come to the rescue. Two fully charged
scythers win the game for me. The zero retreat cost saved me from poison and

In the last game, I play the same fire deck that beat me at the start. This
time I get a good draw and I do not start with Scyther. It is very close but
Dragonair, Energy Removals and Super Energy Removals, help me even up the
game. We are both down to one prize. I draw a gust of wind then force out
his farfetch'ed and kill it with my Electabuzz after retreating Dragonair.

Hope this helps others that play haymakers.

Wow.  This looks like one of the first decks that I have run.  The heave
energy removal content is great.  It helps with the lockdown.  The only card
I would consider to take out is Hitmonlee.  He just doesn't fit Haymaker.  I
should know, I tried.  He works great in mono-fighting decks, or ones that
can easily get around energy removal, but he is so weak to removal.  Try a
different one.  I am(was) testing Ditto.  You have to think more, but he is
pretty decent.