Hi Chipmunk,
     I have a deck that i am going to enter in a tourney it is a full
grass deck. I want you to read it and tell me what you think of it and
please post this article.

                                         Raging Insects
25x Grass energy

4x weedle
3x kakuna
3x beedril

2x caterpie
2x metapod
1x butterfree

2x grimer
1x muk

1x pinsir

4x pokeball ( got to get those beedrills out quick and early)
3x energy removal (staller)
3x bill (major drawing power)
1x cleafairy doll  (staller
1x super energy removal (staller)
1x super potion (just in case)
1x potion (just in case)
1x recycle (get another card you already used great!)
1x energy search (somtimes you just need those energies now)

Okay first of all you may think i have to little basic pokemon in my
deck well you are wrong i never had that problem. I am the best in the
pokemon league in the area and i will tell you why. I love poison it is
the best attack out there it really bites if you get poisoned because if
you kill the basic pokemon you know you are going down with it pretty
The main idea is the beedrill it does 40 damage and could poison that is
great for 3G energy.kakuna is great for a stage 1 pokemon with 80 hit
points and for two energy 20 damage plus poisoning maybe. Butterfree is
a living wall he keeps removing the damage you just put on it. Metapod
has nice 70 hitpoints and does 20 damage and maybe paralysed. The muk
helps a lot with pokemon powers since my deck has none except that muks
pokemon power so basicly they cant use thier pokemon power. All i am
trieng to tell you guys is poison is like attacking on the opponets
turn. Think about it that away wouldn't you like to attack on your
opponets turn basicly thats what your doing.

P.S  there is no fire decks in my area
Hmmm... No fire decks in your area?  Maybe some people will start metagming
them if you are the best in your area.  The deck itself is pretty
interesting, although it does need some fixing.
    First of all, why isn't Scyther in your deck?  He is pretty dang awseome
right now, and in an all grass deck, he just has more firepower.  Also, you
either need to take out your Grimer family or your Caterpie family.  They
both are not formed well.  I would stick with the Grimer family, because of
Muk locking down many different types of decks.  Go 3/2 on that family.  I
would also add maybe a few more Pincer.
    Your trainers need a revamp.  If you are going to play with the Caterpie
family, I would definately play with some breeders.  I would also try to
slowly convert all of your pokeballs t to traders, which will help you more.
  The 100% grab what pokemon that you want if you already have one is better
than a 50/50 chance.
    Also, don't play 1 of a trainer in your deck!  I don't know how many
times I can repeat that, but it is IMPORTANT!  If you only play 1 of it in
your deck, it may imporve it's chances of not landing in your goal cards,
but that doesn't mean that it's going to show up in your game.  I would
replace the Recycle with a Finder, and I would definately take the doll out.
  He's not a staller.  He just sits there.  He buys you 1 whole turn. 
Wow(sarcasm).  I would also take out the potion, super potion, and the
energy search for other important cards.  I would try to add major card
drawing with either gamblers or oaks.  It's up to your preference on that
    If you are able to add Scyther, I would definately look into putting in
Double Colorless, to add speed to Scyther and Pincer.  That's about it.  I
hope this helps you stay in the lead in your league.