>Hey Tyler my name is ****. I won a big tourney at Gamers (out of 60
 >but i'm still looking for another opinion. I wanted you to check my deck,
 >here it is:
 >1   Kangaskhan
 >1   Chansey
 >1   Clefairy
 >1   Clefable
 >1   Jigglypuff
 >1   Pidgey
 >1   Pidgeotto
 >1   Pidgeot
 >1   Dratini
 >1   Dragonair
 >1   Eevee
 >1   Jolteon
 >1   Pikachu
 >1   Raichu
 >1   Growlithe
 >1   Arcanine
 >1   Gastly
 >1   Haunter
 >1   Abra
 >1   Kadabra
 >1   Mr. Mime
 >8   Dbl colorless energies
 >8   Electric energies
 >3   Fire energies
 >6   Psychic energies
 >1   Item finder
 >1   Defender
 >3   Energy removals
 >2   Computer searches
 >1   Pokedex
 >2   Super potions
 >1   Proffessor Oak
 >1   Imposter Professor Oak
 >1   Pokemon trader

The name has been censored to protect the crappy.  Why?  Because it's that
time again.  No, not to help Uncle Ned pluck out his ear hairs, it's time
for THRASHFEST '99.  Next on the chopping block is the Kickin' Deck.  Yeah,
probably kickin' its own ass around the tourny scene.
    Ok, let's see here.  You have some sanity, playing only 3 colors.  In
fact, POTpurri(RANDOMNESS I TELL YOU, RANDOMNESS!) runs 3 colors.  Wait a
minute. . . YOU PLAY 8 D.C. ENERGY!  Don't you think you are a little over
your belt line there, like Mimi on Drew Carey.  It's JUST TOO MUCH!
    Oh, and look at your valuable pokemon.  Did you just pick your rares and
put their basics under them?  It sure as hell looks like it.  AND YOU ONLY
HAVE 1 OF EACH!  I hope your not expecting to draw any specific pokemon,
BECAUSE IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!  Have you ever actually played Pidgeot? 
You'd have a better chance getting an intern at the white house to go under the desk.   What, that's pretty easy if Monica is still hired there.  Look, my
point is you are never going to get the pokemon you need, when you need
    AND YOU PLAY HAUNTER AND GASTLY!  When will you people learn?  If you go
to a tourny Haunter and Gastly, you are going to get beat down fast, and that's the honest truth.  It isn't pretty, and no-one likes it,
but it will happen.  You will get beat faster than if you yelled "DIE PIGS!"
in a donut shop.  You know the police hide there.
    You had some kind of sense when you put the trainers in here.  I
actually see multiples.  Your choice isn't the best, though.  IMPOSTOR OAK! 
This guy is an imitation.  He sucks so bad that he has to pretend that he is
something good.  You let your opp. shuffle his hand into his library to Oak.
  That's letting your opp. Oak without the drawbacks.  Heck, Forrest Gump
wouldn't make this mistake.  Oh, and look at the lone Trader, roaming the
pokemon planes on this Farfetch'd Daffy.  That sounds stupid, right?  That's
because it's stupid to play just 1 Trader.  They are like holy rollers, they
always go places in flocks.  Learn from nature.  Oh, and super potions
aren't that super.  "Wow, I'll energy removal myself to heal a whole 40
damage.  I'll stunt my growth for a turn just to let my opp. beat my head in
more."  Do you really want to be saying this?

     Bob:  Chipmunk, why do you do this?  The other mechanics are using
constructive remarks to let those that seek their help learn and mature. 
They don't get discuraged like some do when you do THRASHFEST.
     Chipmunk:  Mature?  Or did you say Manure?  Look, I'm still on the
Gastly/Haunter trip.  I've got a big gun just waiting to tear some other
Gastly/Haunter players up.  Don't start with me.  It's like teaching a dog
how to stay in your back yard.  Some only need a fence to learn.  Some need
to be leashed down.  Some just need to be shocked by about 100 volts by an
electrically charged wire hidden on the fence.  That's what I am.
     Bob:  You a what?  Electrically charged pain in the butt?  Every person
expresses their art differently, and pokemon is not an exception.  Each
person has a different work of art in mind when they make a deck.  Each is a
piece of art.  Some may be different than others, but it is art,
     Chipmunk:  So this deck would be a painting of what?  Crap roasting on
a silver platter?  Frequently used toilet paper?  Oh, I know, something
worse than all of those.  I portrait of Cher!
      Bob:  Do you know what is going to happen because of this article? 
This person is going to realize that this is his deck, and he is going to
feel bad.  He is going to go into manic depression and have to get major
help from a psycologist.  He'll be in a rut for years, and it will cost him
and his parents lots of money.
     Chipmunk:  It'll probably be cheaper than staying in pokemon.