Hey chipmunk here's my deck . I have a tourney coming up this sunday.  I
talked with the tourney director he said about 30 people have entered
already, please review my deck and tell me if this has a chance in my
upcoming tourney.

Energy 24

Pokemon 16

Trainers 20
4-energy removal
3-super energy removal
2-energy retrieval
1-computer search
1-poke trader
3-gust of wind
This deck needs a makeover, and since the local gay guy isn't here right
now, I guess I'll have to give it one.  Your deck is going to looks so
different when we are done.
    First we need to disect the pokemon.  You need to go 4/2/1 at least on 3
stage families.  I have seen 3/2/1, but you can't go 2/2/1.  That means your
Poliwrath isn't going to coem out that often.  Going 3/3 on the Magikarp
line isn't that good either.  Go 3/2, for better effiency.  Wait, mind
blank.  Don't run them at all.  Run the Seel family instead.  They work
better in a non-mono-water deck.  I would also just run 1 Kangaskhan.  This
is the only pokemon I approve of going with 1 in the deck.  He just works
that way.  If you don't draw him, oh well.  If you do, fetch works wonders.
    Your trainers need much work.  NEVER GO WITH 1 OF A TRAINER!  They will
never help you that well if you do.  I would find another trader or search,
preferably search, and take the other out.  Either 2 traders or 2 Searches. 
I guess the other trainers will work for now, although I think you might
want to take out those retrievals.  I don't think they will help that much.