Please give me your opinion of this deck.

Purple Leaves

1 Syther

4 Oddish
3 Gloom
2 Vileplume

3 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Alakazam

2 Dratini
1 Dragonair

3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff

2 Mr. Mime

3 Computer Search
1 Pokemon Traders
4 Bill
2 Oak

2 Double Colarless
9 Psychic Energy
13 Grass Energy

I know I have to many pokemon.
I have seen people try this deck, but for some reason it really doesn't work
that well.  I would take the Dratini family out, since you are running them
2/1, for some extra card slots.  I would also take out 1 Bill, to make more
    You need to boost the mail families better.  Go 4/2/1 if not 4/3/2.  I
would also try some Breeders to give you some extra speed.  Remember, the
quicker you get out Alakazam and Plume, the better.  Then, when you get
Mime, you'll be in pretty damn good shape.  I woul switch out some grass
energy for 2 more D.C. energy, to help you speed up Tuff.