Hey this is just your average trainer workin to be good
This is my deck.
7 fightin energy
6 grass
7 lightning
3 db colorless

3 hitmonchans
2 electabuzz's
2 scythers
1 pinsir
1 hitmonlee
1 snorlax
1 kangaskhan
1 scoop up
2 revive
3 bill
2 comp search
2 s energy removal
3 energy removal
3 g.o.w
2 item finder
1 plus power
3 pof oak

I know i could add two more but i'm still workin on it. I am also a water
trainer but like to expand my horizons. It's a modified potpouri.
my strategy is to hold out with hitmonchans and electabuzz's till i load a
pinsir or hitmonlee or kangaskhan. It does good. I can't really tell if it's
really good or not cuz i play little kids. If u could help me i would be
sooooooo grateful.

Water master.

Sorry about not writing in so long.  I have been very busy, especially with
my girlfriend.  I needed to spend some time with her, but now I'm back, and
cranking out reports.  HOODY HOO!
   *smacks head*  Another Potpurri variant?  ACK!  The first thing that
needs to be changed is the multiples.  Potpurri can get away with having 2
trainers of many of them, but not pokemon.  You are going to want 3 of each
at least, so you can draw them.  I would take out Pincer, Snorlax, and
Hitmonlee.  Take Pincer out because 1 won't help much and he sucks with the
energy removal enviroment that we have right now.  Take out Snorlax just for
the fact that he just sits there, something that Potpurri really doesn't
want to do.  Take out Hitmonlee for the same reason as Pincer.  I would add
another Electabuzz and Scyther, at least.  You need to add more basics,
because you only have 10 basics.  Potpurri usually adds Mr. Mime, but you
can have something else.  Maybe some other grass pokemon.
   I would take out the Revive in this deck.  They just don't help Potpurri.
  I would add another Scoop Up and cut a Copmuter Search and a Gust of Wind
for 3 open slots.  With those 3 slots, you can add another basic pokemon. 
Normal Potpurri runs Mr. Mime, but you just need to add a strong basic.  If
Promo cards ARE legal in your area, try the new Mewtwo.  Just take out all
of the Grass energy and replace them with the new color.

Bob:   Long time, no see, Chipmunk.  Many things have been happening while
you have been gone.  Scott just brought in new mechanics, and many other
things have changed the pojo.

Chipmunk:  Yeah, I saw.  Hey, you always have to spend time with your
girlfriend, now matter who you are.  And besides, it was time for a

Bob:  A vacation?  You sat on your butt most of the time playing games and
other things, while still going to pokemon tournies.  The only GOOD thing
you did was spend time with your girlfreind.  You should feel ashamed.

Chipmunk:  ASHAMED!!!  I just got off of a 6 straight tourny undefeated
streak, busted by the most messed up tourny I have ever seen.  I tweaked
that deck to near perfection, just to find out that a card that should be
played was allowable.  Promo cards should not be able to be played, yet they
were because of a miswording.  I'm still waiting for an "offical" response
from WotC.  Ech.  Relying off of the DCI.  Now I should feel ashamed.

Bob:  You poor little soul. Your respect level has dropped farther than the
height of Mini Me.  You need a penance.  You need to do something to make up
for your wrongs.

Chipmunk:  HEY!  I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE MESSING UP!  Look at the message
board, which has disappeared and turned into an X-file.  Why?  Because of
people not paying attention to the rules.  The message board was GREAT!, but
with all of the spamming and rudeness, it had to be DROPPED faster than a
wet soap bar.

Bob:  A wet soap bar?

Chipmunk:  You know, when soap gets wet, it slips around.  WHY DO YOU THINK

Bob:  It's not a joke.  It's the truth.

Chipmunk:  *shudders*  Ech.  I'd rather shove my foot backwards up my ass
before think about that again.  I'm feeling an itch though...

*beeps heard*

Ahhh... My gastly sense has tuned in.  There is a Gastly around here.  Time
to go back to a new hobby, and then get on to promisance.  Games just
tooooooo addictive.  Wait.....*Gastly appears*  GASTLY!!! DIEEE!!! *Whips
out BFG and chases*

Bob:  Will you ever grow up?

Chipmunk:  Not as long as Oprah stays FAT!

Bob:  So basically never?

Chipmunk:  Yup!  *runs around corner after Gastly*