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Hello Chipmunk,

This is what my deck consists of:


1   Blastoise
2   Wartortle
4   Squirtles
1   Machamp
2   Machoke
4   Machop
4   Hitmonchan
4   Farfetch'd


2   Energy Removal
2   Potion
2   Gusy of Wind
2   Proffesor Oak
4   Bills
2   Super Energy Removal


10  Water energy
10  Fighting energy
4   Double colorless energy

Comments:  This deck I have constructed is the deck I use to play at the
League I am in.  This is a pretty successful deck (I regulary beat the "Gym
Leader <excuse the bragging>) and i just want another opinion on my deck.

The main strategy of the deck is to get my Hitmonchans out and beaf them up
and the Machop and gang and Farfetch'ds are backup.  The Blastoise is the
"Raindance" aspect of the deck.  I normally swamp my opponent with many
Machops, Hitmonchans, Squirtles and Wartortles.  This was orginally a
Blackout Theme Deck I purchased.  Also I use the Energy Removals (Supers
also) to stamp out the opposition and the Bills and Prof. Oaks to back up my
Pokémon.  Even though I don't exactley know what a Haymaker is (I do know
what Raindance deck is) I like to call this my HayDance deck because of the
varied themes and strategies.  So speed is the call in the beginning and if
there is an endgame 2 biggies to control (excuse my bragging again).

You can take your time on this deck submission because it looks like you are
a busy person and you don't have to respond real quickly.

Thank you for your time,

Corey Sullivan
*scratches head*  Hmmm...  It kinda looks like a mix between them, but it's
kinda confusing.  The only water pokemon in the deck is the Squirtle family,
which is the only pokemon that will actually benefit from the actual
Raindance.  Machamp is also in there, but is very energy intensive.  I guess
it is a mixed theme.
   The first thing that I would do is change the energy ratio.  I would
definately ADD more energy.  24 Energy isn't going to cut it, since both
Blastoise and Machamp are energy intensive.  I would also have more Fighting
Energy than Water Energy, because except for Blastoise, all of your water
pokemon take 1 Water Energy to attack.
    The pokemon are fine for the deck.  You can try to replace some of the
Farfetch'd with Scyther, but if you don't, that's ok.  Some decks need to
use Farfetch'd instead of Scyther, because of the chance of 30 damage. 
4/2/1 on the major families are fine, although some Traders would help you
get what you need so you can evolve.
    For your trainers, I would replace the potions with Traders.  The
Removal is ok, but you could add 2 Energy Retrievals.  That is if you can
find the room.  I would probably take out a Hitmonchan and Farfetch'd to
help open up some room.  Besides that, it's up to you on what to take out. 
Traders and a tad more energy, sloped towards fighting, is basically all the
deck needs.