Hi, this is my deck.

Stradegy: The stradegy for my deck is to always be doing huge damage. My
deck contains alot of big hitters. My plan is to get a venusaur out by using
pokemon breeder or trader then working on getting Charizard. While I do this
I stall for time with Scythers and Magmars and laying as many grass energy
as I can and if I have a venusaur out I would move all grass en. to
un-damaged pokemon, then use a pokemon center for a free heal!!. WHen I get
Venusaur and Charizard out I use Venusaur energy trans pokemon power and
transfer some grass energy to Charizard laying 100 damage per turn!!  When I
get low on grass energy or Charizard gets killed hopefully alot of the
eponents pokemon are knocked out,I switch to venusaur and do a couple of
Solar Beams and when Venusaur nears death I use energy trans to move all the
grass en. away so I don't lose any energy.

This deck can do alot of Damage and it has done well for me in the past. I
am having a problem with trainer though. Could you maybe help me which
trainers I should keep and which to chuck?

well here it is:

Forest Fire!!!

14 Grass Energy
13 Fire Energy
3 Double Colorless
4 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
1 Charizard**
4 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venusaur**
2 Magmar
3 Scyther
2 Plus Power
1 Defender
1 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
1 Pokémon Center**
1 Super Potion
1 Prof. Oak
1 Pokémon Breeder
1 Pokemon Trader
The strategy that this deck revolves around has been in many people's minds
since the time when pokemon first came out.  The idea was decent at the
start, but with more cards entering the tourny scene, the idea of a deck
like this grows stronger.  Here is what I would do to help fix this deck...
    Ok, first of all, if Venusaur and Charizard are going to be the basis of
this deck, then you are going to need more than 1 of them in your deck.  Run
at least 2 of each.  The rest of the deck looks ok, except that I would run
a 3rd Magmar.
    And most of the trainers need to be dropped.  I would throw in a few
breeders for speed.  Getting out Venusaur and Charizard out as fast as
possible is going to be key.  I would throw in a 2nd or 3rd trader also, to
get the right pokemon.  I would also throw in another pokecenter so that you
can actually us the combo that you want.  And...
    Ok.  I've noticed something.  In order for the deck to run well, you are
going to need more cards than you have card slots.  This deck needs alot to
run off of, with 1/3 of the deck just going into the Venusaur and Charizard
family.  Then you have 1/2 of the deck in energy, which leaves very little
room for other cards.  That means that you would have 1/6, or 10 cards, left
for anything else.  Running 3 Scyther takes it down to 7.  Running 2-3
Pokemon Centers take you down to 3-4 cards left.  If you run 2-3 Oaks, you
are out of card space.
   Well, I guess that kinda makes your deck right there.  Here's my version,
untweaked and needing to play...

4 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
4 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
3 Scyther
3 Pokemon Centers
3 Professor Oaks
2 Pokemon Traders
4 Pokemon Breeder
14 Grass Energy
10 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless

Looks thin, doesn't it?  I lowered the energy amount to 28, and I switched
some of the fire for grass and a 4th Double Colorless.  The reason for this
is the fact that the Charmander family has an attack for colorless energy. 
Every single one of the pokemon in that family does.  The fire energy is
just a boost, and the grass energy work well with the Venusaur, which you
are aiming for.  I also threw in 2 traders that I didn't meantion about
before earlier, so you can pull what you need. It'll be a slight change of
    To play this deck, use the Scyther to mainly stall, and get Venusaur out
as fast as possible.  Then you work on the Charizard, while using the
transfer/center combo to help stall, then just smack with Charizard.  To
help fight against energy removal, until you have to, try to keep 1 grass on
every pokemon unless they are being used to attack.  Don't power up another
pokemon.  That way SER won't have as much of an effect until it is too late.
  I hope this deck works well for you.