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Good Morning Sunshine, The Earth Says Hello


Hey all! Sorry for the lack of articles recently. I just got done with finals and picked my job waiting tables back up here in sunny southern Ohio. Between that, tennis tournaments, and filling out scholarship applications, I haven’t had much time. But I do have enough time to get this idea out to y’all.

Question: When was the last time I did this?

\/  scroll down  \/

Uhuh, it’s about that time again.

\/  scroll down  \/

Don’t remember this? Copy and paste this link: http://www.pojo.com/DeckGarage/CardsMaster2004/2005/7-26.shtml

\/  scroll down  \/

Ok, I’m done now. It’s time for the next Deck Challenge!

This deck challenge dips into the scary world of Unlimited for a little bit and goes back to the days when I did local deck meching. Now, at the time, I was running three Standard legal decks (since legal was Unlimited). The first deck I’m not going to post because, frankly, I’ve lost the list. But it was my tournament winning Clefable deck that TecHed in Cleffas, Magmars (Fossil), and Scyther. I loved that deck.

(SIDE NOTE: Of course, when the TOs posted the winning deck lists, I found many copies of the deck around my League. And everyone was amazed at how I could still beat any Clefable variant. TecHing is such a wonderful mechanism…)

The next deck was another deck I piloted to a win in my last Unlimited sanctioned tournament. I do have the deck list (roughly) for that in Apprentice format. Some of you may recognize its similarity to a few old archetypes in Unlimited:

Good Morning Sunshine, The Earth Says Hello (Vers. 2.0.1)

1 Mr. Fuji
2 No Removal Gym
2 Challenge!
3 Switch
3 Gust of Wind
3 Professor Oak
4 Item Finder
3 Computer Search
3 Gold Berry
3 Focus Band

7 Psychic Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Recycle Energy

3 Mewtwo L60
1 Tyrogue
3 Cleffa
2 Scyther
2 Ditto
4 Wigglytuff
4 Jigglypuff

I went through a few variants of this, going mono-grass for a while, then to Fighting, then to Lightning (minus R. Zappy), then to Lightning WITH R. Zappy, then to Lightning/Psychic, then to Psychic. This version worked the best at the time and, if I still had the resources, I’d still be TecHing this deck. Its almost my baby.

But, sadly, its not my firstborn deck. No, I created another deck before those two (though I did hit it off pretty well with making a 4/2 Wiggly deck on my second try, TecHing a 3/3 Fearow line!). That deck contained 3 Stage 2 Lines, running 3/2/1 of each line and only 12 trainers (I just HAD to follow the rules on the back of the deck mat). And…it ran like crap.

And I liked it that way.

Looking back at the deck, it had no win conditions other than my opponent’s first few turns and moves. If the deck executed itself well enough, my opponent would sit there an agonizing hour, unable to win. And I would sit there and laugh. I later dismantled most of the deck to make my two Uber-decks, but I threw some leftover trainers into the deck, concentrated on one line, and brought the deck around toa pretty substantial force in Unlimited. However, the deck was never tournament viable.

That’s because my deck concentrated on one card: Alakazam.

Yes, Alakazam in all his Unlimited glory. Unable to be used in tournament well, but Darn good outside of that realm. For new people entering my league, it was almost a right of passage to challenge me with my “Stall deck” and win. For me, I just kicked back and had a fun time with it.

Now, I still have my list for that deck around somewhere; I just need to find it (actually still have it physically together. But that lsit won’t be posted quite yet. That’s because…:

Deck Challenge #2: Stall Me

Format: Unlimited

Other Restrictors:

Your deck MUST contain 4 Abra and 4 Alakazam (both from Base)
Your deck cannot contain more than 21 trainers.
Originality is encouraged.

I know how most ‘Kazam deck works. Either pair it with Venusaur for Trans to PokeCenter instant removal and instant reattached or trans to a giant benched basic (Chansey, Snorlax) and Center the damage away. I’ve played these,they’re nice, I’d rather NOT see them again. I don’t mind seeing Centers in a ‘Kazam deck (heck, I ENCOURAGE it), but be original with your other inclusions. I’m probably weighting Originality slightly, if not much, more than Functionality. But if the deck isn’t at all functional, don’t expect it to win.

Other Parts of the Challenge: Please go in depth on how the first six turns of your deck would theoretically work. I’m interested in this for tiebreaker and judging purposes.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see your decks in my inbox and Cardz2004@hotmail.com soon. The contest will end when US Nationals ends. And, of course, there will be some prizes for the lucky winner.

See y’all. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more informative up next week!

Cardz out.


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