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Deck Challege #1

07.21.05  Question: What do pokémon gaming legonds Satoshi, Crash, and Bondi have in common?  (scroll down)

I’ll give you a couple seconds to think about it…..

OK, other than being deck mechs on this site (this is also a hint…)…

Given up yet?


OK, I’ll give you a little more time then.

Tired of scrolling yet?

OK, here’s the answer.

Answer: They all ran deck challenges of some sort while also fixing decks excellently (I recommend reading some of Crash’s work along with the others. Great side commentaries.)

So, now to the real point. All these great mechs ran a challenge of some sort to get their readers and many players to start thinking outside of the box. And, personally, with me leaving in two days for a month, I believe a deck challenge is in order.

One thing that has grabbed my attention over the past couple months has been Wizards of the Coast and, my first gaming love, Magic: the Gathering. Any of you aware of the goings-on of other major TCGs are quite aware of the release of the most recent core set for M:tG, 9th edition. Needless to say, this looks like one of the strongest corsets to come out in quite some time. Also, this release coincided with the announcement of the new format for the coming year.

But anyway, onto the challenge. This stems from a recent discovering in my game backpack. I found an old playmate that was made by Wizards after the release of Fossil. The playmate explained turn order, set the bench limit, and showed you where to place your deck and discard pile. But the mat wasn’t what I was interested in. I was interested in what was on the back. On the back was a mat that was supposed to help you build a competitive deck. All it really showed was more or less how they constructed some of the base theme decks.

The equation was simple. Choose two pokémon types and added 28 energy, 14 of each type chosen. Then you decided on the pokémon you were going to use. For a “balanced deck”, you had 16 basic pokémon and two evolution lines. One evolution line included 4 of the above listed basics and just two Stage 1 pokémon. The other contained 4 of the above basics, two stage 1 pokémon, and one stage 2. After you had all your pokémon in, you chose 11 trainers to best compliment your deck. After you did all this, you had a “balanced deck” and could go compete against other trainers.

While this build sounds extremely basic and easily beatable by any deck created by someone else, I used this design over three years ago to create my “Blank Canvas” deck that later became my tourney winning Wigglytuff/Clefable deck. But, when you bought the precon, or theme, decks, you only got two Rare cards. This becomes part of the challenge you will undertake.

However, for this challenge, you’re going to have more modifiers than just the ones listed above.


Format: Hidd-on (HL-on)

Other restrictors:

You deck must contain two types of pokémon and colorless pokémon if you choose to use them.
Your deck must contain 28 energy, 14 of each different type. Basic energy only.
Your deck must contain two evolution lines, one for each type of pokémon used.
Of the evolution lines, one must contain 4 basics and 2 Stage 1s.
The other evolution line must contain 4 Basics, 2 Stage 1s and 1 Stage 2.
Your deck must contain 8 more basic pokémon, at least one of each type.
You deck must contain 11 trainers.
Your deck may contain a maximum of 2 rares.

Other parts of the challenge: If you could take out any five cards from the deck and add in five other cards from the Hidd-on format, what would they be and what cards in your current deck would you take out? Please list after your deck.

The winner of the challenge will receive a signed card from me. The winner will also be contacted by me to arrange the mailing, other issues, etc. So this isn’t just an empty contest like the other challenges by the other mechs. This one actually has a small prize attached to the winning deck. As usual, submit your decks to Cardz2004@hotmail.com.

Also, there’s another reason behind doing this challenge. I’m going to be away from any computer access for about a month. For those of you who want to know, I’ve volunteered to help at a choir camp in Ohio and won’t be near a computer for quite some time. For those of you from Ohio, I’ll be working somewhere at the State Fair. SO you may end up seeing me up there. Chances are you won’t, though, as I’ll be working mostly behind the scenes. However, I felt you all deserved to know where I’d be for the next month and not be expecting to see a fix.

That said, you’ve got until the end of August to get your deck ideas in. Good luck with your attempts.

Cardz out.


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