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Cardz Shop 11- Rosalia Boost and The Real Enemy

07.21.05  Well, welcome to the finally of Grass Week. Yeah, its kinda spanned into two weeks, but all my grass decks did happen within a seven day period, so I at least consider all the decks in one consecutive week. So, that aside, on with the final deck.

This deck was sent to me by a competitor in the Netherlands who used the deck at Nationals. Sadly, according to the player, the deck fell flat. Let’s see if we can spruce it up but keep the general feel of the deck.

Since you asked for a grass deck in jour last post here's one I actually made an mistake with by playing it in the dutch national tournament (it wasn't really finished, really) It`s aim was for roselia to speed growth for shroomish,skitty and slugma and then to evolve those pokemon as quick as possible as to do damage per energy card attached to them.

4 Roselia(Ex Dragon #9)
2 Zangoose (Ex Sandstorm #14)
3 Skitty (Ex Trainer #6)
3 Slugma (Ex Deoxys #74)
3 Shroomish (Ex Emerald #63)
1 Delcatty (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #5)
1 Delcatty (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #29)
2 Dark Magcargo (Ex Team Rocket Returns #38)
2 Breloom (Ex Emerald #22)

4 Prof. Oak’s Research (Ex Firered/Leafgreen #98)
4 TV Reporter (Ex Dragon #88)
4 Potion (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #91)
2 Mr. Briney’s Compassion (Ex Dragon #87)
2 Pokenav (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #88)

2 Boost Energy (Ex Deoxys #93)
21 Grass Energy (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #104)

The trainers I used only healed or were used to draw
I have good access to new cards so change whatever you feel like.

Thomas van Dijk The Netherlands


Well, the deck’s main focus, I must admit, I have attempted before in my own Grass decks. Rosalia is one of those cards that just scream “COMBO WITH ME!!!” However, working with Roasia is a bit hard to do, considering that you have to get pokémon on your bench to get any decent benefit from its attack. Let’s see what we can do to overhaul this deck.

Pokemon: First off, 4 Rosalia stay in because you NEED to have one active to “run the deck correctly. Now, onto the other pokémon.

I think three evolution line is a bit excessive. You only should run two and make sure that those are beefed up so that they can be the most effective. And, for me, those seem to be the Delcatty and Breloom lines. Dark Magcargo looks good, but I think its just taking room in a deck that’s already going to pushed for space. So his entire line gets dropped right now. Also, Zangoose is another card that’s nice, but not nice enough. So all of them go as well.

Now for additions/substiutions. First off, you should run the Skitty with Minor Errand Running. Granted, it has 10 less HP than the one you’re running now, but Minor Errand Running will help you out in at least a quarter of your games. Also, to supporth “extra energy, extra damage theme”, let’s up the count of uncommon Delcatty by two and add another Skitty. For other substitutions, use the SS Shroomish instead of the EM one you’re running now. Also, as TecH, I’d like to see a DX Breloom in there to put out some extra damage when you get a Rosalia running correctly. 70 for three is nice especially if you need to stall a bit. More on how to get the [F] energy later.

-Dark Magcargo line
-all Zangoose

+2 RS Delcatty (Uncommon)
+1 RS Skitty (Minor Errand Running)
+1 DX Breloom

Trainers: IMO, too weak and in need of a massive overhaul. First off, Potion has been passé since its release in the Base set. Drop them all. Also, Prof. Oak’s Research has been long replaced by better cards. Again, drop them all. As a final “all drop”, we’re eliminating all traces of PokéNav from the deck. It’s not a good card and never has been.

Now for the additions. 3 CopyCat, 2 Rocket’s Admin., and 4 Steven’s are the obvious additions as they are staples of almost every deck out right now. For your deck, I’m also suggesting 3 Celio’s Network (you’ll need it to get out the evolutions you’ll be needing) and 4 Dual Balls (this card is great and a fast starter for your deck that isn’t going to be running that many pokémon searching trainers). To make a little more room, I’m dropping your TVR count to two.

-all Potion
-all Prof. Oak’s Research
-all PokéNav
-2 TVR

+3 CC
+2 Rocket’s Admin.
+4 Steven’s
+3 Celio’s
+4 Dual Ball

Energy: Dropped the Grass energy count to make room for the additions and maxed out your Boost energy count. Boost is your most important resource in the deck, as its essentially a 30 damage pump for any of your pokémon.

-3 Grass

+2 Boost

Well, there you go. I suggest that you start with either a Rosalia or a Skitty with a Skitty benched. Pump the Skitty and evo into the uncommon RS Delcatty for the best results. GL with the deck.

4 Roselia(Ex Dragon #9)
4 Skitty (RS ; Minor Errand Running)
1 Delcatty (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #5)
3 Delcatty (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #29)
3 Shroomish (SS)
2 Breloom (Ex Emerald #22)
1 Breloom (DX)

3 CopyCat
2 Rocket’s Admin.
2 TV Reporter (Ex Dragon #88)
4 Steven’s Advice
2 Mr. Briney’s Compassion (Ex Dragon #87)
3 Celio’s Network
4 Dual Ball

4 Boost Energy (Ex Deoxys #93)
18 Grass Energy (Ex Ruby/Sapphire #104)
RaNd0m Thoughts…: Ok, so we’re at the end of Grass Week. And, so far, I’ve covered some of my opinions on the use of drugs, both on how they’re marketed (or protested) and how we as a nation have decided to let drugs be used. Yet, today, I am going to expose you all to little known secret about the drug world.

As you all know, the Supreme Court recently ruled to have medical marijuana banned from use in the US. And, even though marijuana may not be something you’d want to get addicted to, there is a drug in use the US now that many people are unaware of. Not only are many unaware of it, the government has not even taken many steps in preventing the marketing of this drug worldwide.

And, even though this drug is marketed worldwide, in its purest form it is a poison as bad as arsenic. However, not many people choose this form of the drug. Many choose to dilute it and extract some of it and dilute it in water and drink it, saying it “gives them an energy buzz from another world”. Yet, all its doing is giving them the illusion of energy. The drug simply tricks the brain into working into overdrive, causing it later work at a slower pace until, eventually, more of the drug must be taken to obtain the needed effect for survival. And, at its end, the drug has no effect, but the user is so compelled to sue the drug and, with its ready availability, cannot resist tempting to get high yet again.

The other effects of the drug when in this favored extract or diluted form is the constant drying out of the body, causing chronic dehydration. Also, many users experience extreme highs and lows, with the higs characterized by crazed and uncontrolled behavior and small seizures and the lows characterized by a lack of energy, raspiness in the voice, and general drowsiness. Though the drug crauses all the horrendous side effects, the government has chosen to let it pass by without any second thoughts.

What is this evil drug that plagues America, yea, the World. It’s caffeine. The coffee, caffeinated sodas, and pills Americans take to make it through the day are slowly killing us all, causing us to have shorter lifespans and make us a nations of drowsiness.

So fight the real enemy! Throw away all your coffee grinds! Pour away your piteous Cokes, Pepsis, and Mountain Dews! Get rid of your caffeine laced sugar pills! Fight the real enemy! Fight caffeine! Fight NOW!

Keep sending in your decks.

Cardz out.

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