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Cardz Shop 8 - ZapdEX and Nationals

06.30.05    Hey all!  Sorry for being away for so long.  Working six nights a week and working past midnight on most of those days has really wiped me out.  My schedule has changed a little bit lately and given me more time to write, so I’m bringing you a deck before Nationals.  I know many of you will already be at or be headed for Nationals by the time this hits Pojo, but I wanted to release this ahead of time anyway. 

Now, onto the fix.  This week, I have a deck that I feel will be played a lot at Nationals, Worlds, and many other tournaments around the US and other areas.  I’m speaking of Zap-turn-dos or, as I call it, ZapdEX.


pokemon 15

3 zapdos ex
3 voltorb (recharge)
3 electrike (recharge)
1 manectric(attract current ruby)
1 manectric ex
4 electrode (mass destruction)


2 strength charm
2 meteor falls
3 pokemon reversals
1 warp point
2 dual balls
3 super scoop ups
4 steven advice
2 low pressure sys.
2 lanettes net research
2 wallys training
2 pro.cozmos

energys 20
18 thunder
2 multi energys

basicly here as you can see i'm running zapdos ex deck! It works pretty good. but when its  against another zapdos deck its krap.Like yesterday i was in the finals of gym challenge ,and if i won i would go to worlds, but he had a zapdos deck. and with a manectric ex and i didn't have mine  at the time. i got mine after i lost..... anyways he won me because that darn manectric ex that he had and i didn't so im sending my deck to good hands like yours to please fix it so that when the opponent doesn't have a zapdos ex deck my zapdos will come out but if its a mirror deck i would like for it to work out good to take out my manectric ex you can take out any thing BUT pokemon reversals those save my butt alot. Oh by the way my deck is modified. so pleeeaaase fix my deck because no one else is sending back im counting on you please.


Well, one immediate concern for me is working this deck to do better in the mirror match-up.  Every deck struggles when it plays a slight variation or carbon copy of itself.  Carbons copies are much harder, as each person plays said decks in different ways.  So you may be trying to counter a move you’d make that your opponent isn’t even planning on hitting.  But this deck also needs ways of just being a beatdown.  And ZapdEX deos that better than many decks out right now.  But let’s dive in, shall we?


Pokémon:  First off, I don’t like the Electrode in here that you have.  Mass Destruction is a very original attack, but it only really comes into effect in the mirror match you stated above.  As soon as your opponent KOs your ZapdEX, you bring up an almost loaded electrode and KO their active.  The only thing I don’t like about the card is that you’re giving your opponent a free prize.  In ANY match, this isn’t a good idea.  Now, the Voltorbs are OK in the deck, but I’d rather you drop the Electrode.  And, since you didn’t give me a level fix for the deck (other than mentioning you badly want to go to Worlds), I’ll do a high level fix for this deck.  And Electrode isn’t part of the plan.

Instead, I’m adding another Electrike to your deck.  Also, I’m taking out your RS Manectric and replacing them with two DX Manectric (much better IMO), and another Manectric ex.  The Manectrics are just much better pokémon and can kick out a lot of damage themselves if you don’t have another ZapdEX in your hand yet.  Also, another ZapdEX couldn’t hurt this deck.  In fact, it might just help it a little bit in the mirror match.

-all Electrode

- Manectric RSH

+1 Voltorb

+2 Manectric DX

+1 Manectric ex

+1 Zapdos ex

Trainers:  As with most of the decks I work on, the most significant change will be here.  First off, I don’t think you’ll need Strength Charm.  You pokémon are already kicking out an obscene amount of turn two damage, so it doesn’t really serve that big of a purpose.  Also, your Stadium choices are a bit less than optimal.  But there’s nothing we can’t do about that. 

First off, just drop one Strength Charm.  You should only need to use it once or twice per match and, should you need it twice, you’re just up a creek without a paddle.  But the times when you’ll need something like that twice is in so few matches that it shouldn’t really be that big a of a difference in play.  Secondly, we need to decide on one gym to play and run three copies of it.  ZapdEX players really have to worry about Ancient Ruins that can just wreck this deck.  However, neither Meteor Falls or LPS really do a good job as a counter gym, which is all you need to run.  LPS is the better of the two IMO, but it doesn’t really cut it in the environment today.  There are a lot of rogue grass decks out there right now, and the overabundance of ZapdEX decks sure doesn’t help you out.  My suggestion: 3 Battle Frontier.  RockLock doesn’t give you that much of a problem, but a well played benched Pidgeot could give you heck.  Battle Frontier is just a great card for your deck IMO.  If you can’t get a hold of 3 copies, just run LPS.  Running multiple Stadiums just doesn’t give your deck as much reliability, so run one or the other.

Now, onto another discussion I seem to have every time I write a deck fix: to use Warp Point or Switch.  I run into this every time I fix a deck and, again, I can’t stress enough that Warp Point only works in certain decks and Switch works into just about every deck.  In this deck, Warp Point doesn’t work.  I’ll be talking about what kind of deck Warp Point works in next week. (*minor spoilers*)

That said, Warp is going out and two Switch are coming in.  Most likely, you aren’t going to need Switch that much, so its ok to run such a small number of them.  Moving onto other non-Supporters, You really need at least three DualBalls in your deck.  Getting out a turn two, three energy ZapdEX is essential to your deck’s survival, and Dual Ball does this best.  Another integral part of this deck is Super Scoop Up (henceforth listed as SSU).  Three is a good number for you to run, but if you can find the extra spot for a fourth, I think it could help out a lot.  You don’t want to ever let your ZapdEX get close to getting KOed, as it can really hamper your progress in a game.

Now, for your Supporters.  Some are great choices (Steven’s Advice).  Others are bad (Prof. Cosmo, Wally).  And some are just horrible (Lanette’s Net Search).  Let’s go over what stays, what goes, and what works, but other cards work better.  First off, 4 Steven’s I think has been established as needed in just about every deck in Modified right now.  No one in their right mind will dispute that, so let’s move on.

Professor Cosmo will work in this deck, no question about that.  But it just isn’t as good of a card as other supporters out there right now, namely TV Reporter.  Take out all your Prof. Cosmo’s for a set of three TV Reporters.  Now, moving onto Wally’s Training.  I just don’t think it belings in this deck now.  We’ve added two more Manectrics, so you should have no problem finding your evolutions.  Let’s go ahead and drop the Wall’ys on that note.

Now for Lanette’s Net Search.  What is this doing in here?  The only thing its doing is getting you one pokémon of your choice.  I hate to tell you, but Dual Ball will be doing the same thing for you.  The only thing its good for is for searching out a random evolution you’d need and, with what we’ve added, I don’t think you’ll be searching for evolutions that much.  So let’s drop them in favor of 2 CopyCat and 2 Rocket’s Administrator.  CopyCat is a great card and Rocket’s Admin. is a huge disruptor if your opponent get ahead on prizes.  Both quality additions to the deck.

-all current Stadiums

-1 Strength Charm

-1 Warp Point

-2 Prof. Cosmo

-2 Wally’s Training

-2 Lanette’s Net Search

+3 Battle Frontier (LPS if BF not available)

+2 Switch

+1 Dual Ball

+1 SSU

+3 TV Reporter

+2 CC
+2 Rocket’s Admin.

Energy:  Only one small fix here, and a bit of an obvious question.  What is Multi Energy doing in here other than providing two more L energy?  Answer: NOTHING!  SO they go out the door, making way for a 60-card deck.

-2 Multi Energy.


There’s your fix.  Below is the deck that’s been perfected.  You may find that some of your own TecHs could work better than what I’ve included for your area (you didn’t really give me an idea of what else was in your area other than more ZapdEX).  GL with the deck.



4 zapdos ex
3 voltorb (recharge)
4 electrike (recharge)
2 manectric(DX)
2 manectric ex


1 strength charm
3 Battle Frontier
3 pokemon reversals
2 Switch
3 dual balls
4 super scoop ups
4 steven advice
2 CopyCat

2 Rocket’s Admin.

3 TV Reporter

18 lightning


RaNd0m Thoughts…:  Well, I did mention Nationals in the first paragraph of my topic.  And, though it was slightly subconscious on my part, it does serve a purpose down here.  Normally, I start talking on some random topic that has no real purpose to the world of pokémon.  Well, while what I’m talking about isn’t extremely relevant, this does apply to the realm of the Pokemon TCG.

On Saturday, I’ll be attending Nationals, a tournament that (in my own words) is located in my backyard.  If you see me up there, say hi, and introduce yourself using your real name first and your screen name second.  I’ve always wanted to be able to put names to the faces I constantly talk with online and I haven’t had the chance to since Origins 2003.  I’ll talk more about that when I do my report on Nationals next week, but I’d really like to meet as many of you as possible.  My deck, however, will remain a bit of a secret until I arrive at Nationals.

When I get back from Nationals, however, I plan on doing an entire week of Grass pokémon centric decks.  My RaNd0m Thoughts will also center around different things in nature.  One day next week will be devoted to my Nationals deck and one day will be devoted to a grass deck that ahs already been sent to me.  But I have an opening for one more grass-themed deck.

Which brings me to my closing.  I’d like for someone to send me an innovative grass deck that could possible dominate the format in the near future.  Certain grass archtypes have already been established, so I’d like to see some form of a rogue deck.  And with that, I’m off to plan my deck for Nationals (yes, I still haven’t decided).  Good luck to all you playing at Nationals and more luck goes out to those who STILL don’t know what they’re playing.

Cardz out.



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