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Cardz Shop 6- Deoxys at Virginia States

05.11.05  Well, this is the last fix of the week.  If things don’t get hectic next, expect a fix about Monday.  If things get interesting like they have been the past couple weeks, well, I’ll try and get one out.  Here’s the list of a deck that took third in the 10 and under division at Virginia States.  The deck has a very interesting concept.  Let’s take a look, shall we?


My name is Kyle. I am 10
My theme is to attack and do damage
My deck is modified
level of fix can be high. I can get a lot of cards from my dad.
The decks I battled are Zapdos EX, Dark Dragonite, Salamence ex

my deck

1 - Deoxys ex  (Psychic Shield)
1 - Deoxys ex  (Psyburst)
2 - Deoxys      (Energy Crush)
2 - Deoxys      (Link Blast)
2 - Kabutops ex  (Spiral Drain)
2 - Kabuto         (Pierce)
3 - Mysterious Fossil
1 - Gengar ex   (Poltergeist)
2 - Haunter      (Confuse Ray)
3 - Gastly         (Slow Trip Gas)
2 - Lanette's Net Search
3 - Magnetic storm
4 - Lady Outing
2 - Celio's Network
4 - Professor Cozmo's Discovery
2 - Mr. Briney's Compassion
3 - Energy Recycle System
15 - Psychic Energy
6 - Fighting Energy

I like deoxys and know my deck can be better. Please help my deck.  I made 3rd place in states in Virginia with this deck and I know it can be better.

thank you


Well, thanks for the deck Kyle and, even more so, thanks for telling me what decks are big in your area.  A tip for those of you submitting decks in the future: Tell me what’s big in your area.  This way, I can tailor your deck to work for your metagame much better.  As shown above, if you aren’t running Crystal Shard in a dragon heavy environment, I can fix that easily.  But if you’re running two Shards and all you ever face that would even be a problem is the occasional rogue Latias*, then there’s no need to run them.  Kudos to you, Kyle, for helping me out.


Pokémon: Well, since you like Deoxys so much, we’ll leave him in as one of the main attackers.  But your choice of Deoxys to run is a bit off.  First, for the regular Deoxys, the two of the Attack form (Energy Crush) and two of the Defense form (Barrier Attack).  Normal Form (LinkBlast) is always an iffy run at things, in my opinon, and Energy crush is devastating to most any active in today’s environment.  For Deoxys ex, lets add 2 of the Normal Form of Deoxys (the one with Energy Burst).  Normal Deoxys ex will normally get the 50 damage from the other forms and, when you need to, you can always form change to the other forms when needed.

Now, with the Deoxys dilemma solved,  this now leaves us with a new problem: What Stage 2 line should we run?  Two Stage Twos are feasible right now in today’s environment, but its very difficult to pull off.  Kabutops ex is a great card, doing a possible 120 per turn.  But it evolves from Mysterious Fossil, a very weak card.  GengEX is a nice card, but it may not be powerful enough sometimes to do any good.  However, it would help concentrate our thoughts to one type of energy (Psychic, in this case).  In the end, I decided on the Kabutops ex line, since its very powerful and has a great intermediate form, Kabuto, which allows you to search your deck for as many of one basic pokémon and put them on your bench.  This would be a great way to get out your Deoxys, but you’ll only want to get out one, since you’ll be form changing into the other cards.  At the most, you’d want to pull out two of one card and Form Changing into the other cards when needed.  To make things better, I’ve beefed up the Kabutops ex line to give you a better shot of getting it out more quickly.

Now that we’ve decided what will be supporting our swarm of Deoxys, let’s add some more card to help this deck run a bit more smoothly.  Normally, I’d add 3 Dunsparce and a Pidgeot line to your deck, but one of your basic pokémon isn’t even a pokémon (Mysterious Fossil) and you’ll need other cards to get that out.  A card like Azurill.  I know this sounds a bit random in this deck, but it will help you to get Kabutops out more quickly. Also, I’m adding a 2/1/2 line of Pidgeot to your deck.  This is a great all purpose card and almost every decent deck out right now is running at least a 1/0/1 line of this card.

-2 Deoxys (Link Blast)
-Gengar ex line
+2 Deoxys (Defense, Barrier Attack)
+2 Deoxys ex (Normal, Energy Burst)
+1 Kabutops ex
+1 Kabuto
+2 Pidgey (FRLG)
+1 Pidgeotto (FRLG)
+2 Pidgeot (FRLG)

Trainers: Because we just did some major overhaul with the pokemon, there’s going to be a major overhaul with the trainers as well as many of them no longer function well in this deck.

First off, psychic resistance isn’t that prevalent in today’s environment and the one’s that do that I can think of off the top of my head aren’t that great, with the exception of dark T-Tar.  So, let’s not run 3 Magnetic Storm.  Instead, let’s run 3 Crystal Shard so that, in case you run up against something resistant to Psychic or fighting, you can attach this card and make it colorless for the attack, allowing you to do full damage.  Also, seeing that Dark Draggy and Flygon are big in your area, being colorless for one attack could be quite useful to your deck.

Now, onto your Supporters.  Lady Outing will be useless by the time I get done with your deck, so lets drop all of them.  Lanette is also pretty useless now too, so they’re out.  Also, there are better draw cards than Prof. Cosmo’s Discovery.  Cards like Stephen’s Advice and TV Reporter fetch as many cards, if not more, cards than Cosmo with only a few drawbacks (i.e. discarding and hand limit for use).  But these limits are easily overcome when you play your deck correctly.  So, let’s take out all of Cosmo and put in three Stephen’s Advice and three CopyCat.  Finally, Energy Recycle System is now useless, as you’ll soon see.  So, let’s drop them in favor of some better trainers: two Switch (Warp Point doesn’t work for this deck) and 2 Rare Candy.  While Rare Candy doesn’t seem like it would work well in this deck, as you can’t go straight from Mysterious Fossil to Kabutops ex, it can help get a Kabutops out turn 2 and help get out a Pidgeot ASAP, which is more than a big help in the long run.

-all Magnetic Storm
-all Lady Outing
-all Prof. Cosmo’s Discovery
-all Lanette Net Search
-all Recycle System
+3 Crystal Shard
+3 Stephen’s Advice
+3 CopyCat
+2 Switch
+2 Rare Candy

Energy: One thing you may not realize yet is that, while Kabutops is a Fighting pokémon, it’s more or less a colorless splash in this deck, as you’ll only want to use its first attack.  So, a lot of the basic energy will be psychic in lieu of it being used mostly to power Deoxys and Deoxys ex.  But, there are a plethora of Special energies that we can abuse with this deck. 

First up, Boost Energy.  Its an out of no where possible 120 with Kabutops ex.  Very deadly and very nice.  While Pidgeot could also use this, you’ll probably want to save them to use with your Kabutops ex and surprise your opponent.

Secondly, Scramble Energy.  While it only provides one colorless energy while your up on prizes, it can help you start a major comeback with either Deoxys or KabutEX while your down.  Attach it to a Kabutops with one energy attached to it while you’re down and, boom!  You’ve got a two energy,70 damage attack that helps heal an ex pokémon.  Not to shabby.  Also, one of these energies can fully power any Deoxys while you’re down on prizes.  It’d be a very nice addition to this deck.

Those are the two Special Energy that most benefit your deck.  We’ll have to take down the count of Psychic and Fighting energies in you deck, but overall you should be fine with these new energies.

-7 Psychic Energy
-3 Fighting Energy
+4 Scramble Energy (anyone can use these, so there’s a lot of them in here)
+3 Boost Energy (for use only with Kabutops ex)


This deck should allow you to run things much better at your next tournament.  I hope you have fun with this new deck.  Below is the new complete list.



1 - Deoxys ex  (Defense; Psychic Shield)
2 – Deoxys ex  (Normal; Energy Burst

1 - Deoxys ex  (Attack; Psyburst)

2 - Deoxys      (Attack; Energy Crush)

2 - Deoxys      (Defense; Barrier Attack)
3 - Kabutops ex  (Spiral Drain)
3 - Kabuto         (Pierce)
3 - Mysterious Fossil

2 – Pidgey (FRLG)
1 – Pidgeotto (FRLG)
2 – Pidgeot (FRLG)
2 – Azurill (SS) 


3 – CopyCat
3 – Stephen’s Advice
3 - Celio's Network 
2 - Mr. Briney's Compassion
3 – Crystal Shards
2 – Rare Candy
2 - Switch


8 Psychic Energy
4 Scramble Energy
3 Boost Energy

3 Fighting Energy


RaNd0m Thoughts…:  Well, this is about the time where I start rambling on about world affairs, the injustices of humanity, what you should be looking out for in your future, etc.  But I’m not going to do that today.

Instead, I’m going to take a break and let you guys send in ideas for topics to me.  If I like it, you’ll be credited with the idea when I address the topic in here.  Frankly, I want to know what you guys want to hear about, not for you guys to here me go on a rant at the end of this topic.  So, send in your topics (and decks) to my email, Cardz2004@hotmail.com, which should be linked on my main page by now.

Until the next time we talk again, keep sending me your decks.

Cardz out.


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