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Rock Lock, Europe, and Eric Whitacre

03.23.05  WOkay, so as of the time I’m writing this I’ve received no new decks. This leaves me with a bit of a problem as I would like to alternate between doing different styles of decks each week (i.e. switching between Modified and Unlimited with and emphasis on Modified decks). So, since I did an Unlimited deck last week, I really wanted to do a Modified deck, since that’s the format that many of you will be playing in most competitively.

However, the one deck I have in my inbox right now is an Unlimited deck, one that I have plans of overhauling in two weeks (more on the week off in RaNd0m Thought…). So, without a deck to work on, what am I to do?

I decided that, whenever an instance such as this arises, that I will go to a Pokémon TCG message board and pick a deck from the Modified forum that has less that 4 complete fixes in it or less that five total posts. Now, since this is Pojo.com, I figured for my first venture into the message board world I would check out the Pojo boards and see what was on there. One of the first three decks jumped out at me. This deck is already extremely well constructed and is one of the main decks I believe will make a huge impact on not only Nationals coming up in July, but also on Worlds. Here is something to look out for here in the future. It’s an excellent deck submitted by Sarz on the message board.


4 Dunsparce
2 Pidgey
1 Pidgeotto
2 Pidgeot
3 Larvitar (Fury Attack)
2 Dark Pupitar (Explosive Evolution)
3 Dark Tyranitar (1 Sand Damage, 2 Spinning Tail)
3 Mareep
2 Dark Flappy
3 Dark Ampharos

2 Copycat
2 Mr. Briney's Compassion
2 Rocket's Ball
2 Celio's Network
3 Steven's Advice
4 Rare Candy

3 Fighting
3 Lighting
3 Double Rainbow
2 R Energy
4 Darkness

Main thing to do is bring Dark-Tar to attack and to ATM rock
Dark Amphy would be back up attack

This deck has already had a LOT of work put into to it if you can’t tell. He’s already tweaked a lot of the lines to run much smoother and TecHed out his energy line to better support his pokémon. However, there are a few minor adjustments that could be made to better improve this deck IMO.

Pokémon: Already an extremely sold set-up. However, I think that, since your focus is on Dark T-Tar as opposed to Dark Amphy, you should slim the Amphy line down to a 2/2/2 and run another Dark Pupitar to help solidify that line. 2 Spinning Tail and 1 Sand Damage is about the norm in Dark T-Tar decks everywhere, so stick with that. You really want to be able to get off the 20 to bench, 30 to active with Dark T-Tar ASAP, which I think you can do with your Energy line. We may work that out later, but for now, let’s just stick with these changes in the pokémon lines. It’s already an excellent set-up that just needed this minor fix.

-1 Mareep
-1 Dark Ampharos

+1 Dark Pupitar

Trainers: Not as much draw as I think you’d like, but I’m sure the deck is curving well for you as is. I debate the inclusion of 2 Celio’s even though you would only use them to get a needed Pidgeot or Pidgeotto. But I guess they can stay. 2 Rocket’s Ball is nice, but I really feel like 5 draw trainers is too low for this deck. Even though I don’t see another opening to put something else in (other than the opening we created), I’d like to see more drawing. I run 3 Copycat and 4 Stephen’s in almost all my decks. And, with the space we’ve created, you can do that. Your deck only had 59 cards to begin with (probably forgot an energy or something). So let’s add another Copycat and another Stephen’s to bulk up your draw drive.

I’d almost say to take out a Rare Candy for another Rocket’s Ball, but with all the Stage 2s you’re running, you need all four of them. Same goes for the ATM Rock. With this type of deck, you’ve got to max those out to have any hope of winning or doing decent. We’ll leave this area with that thought.

+1 Stephen’s Advice
+1 Copycat

Energy: Looks fine. I would change anything, since you should be able to get whatever you need with Pidgeot.



Here’s the finished decklist. Not much of a change, but maybe significant enough to give you that one extra win you’ll be needing in a tourney one day.


4 Dunsparce
2 Pidgey
1 Pidgeotto
2 Pidgeot
3 Larvitar (Fury Attack)
3 Dark Pupitar (Explosive Evolution)
3 Dark Tyranitar (1 Sand Damage, 2 Spinning Tail)
2 Mareep
2 Dark Flappy
2 Dark Ampharos

3 Copycat
2 Mr. Briney's Compassion
2 Rocket's Ball
2 Celio's Network
4 Steven's Advice
4 Rare Candy

3 Fighting
3 Lighting
3 Double Rainbow
2 R Energy
4 Darkness

RaNd0m Thoughts…: OK, I’ve got about three points I’m going to hit. Tow are hit rather quickly. The last one is more or less like my normal RaNd0m Thought…

First, send me your modified decks. That’s right, Send Me Your Modified Decks. Again, SEND ME YOUR MODIFIED DECKS!!!!!!!! And another time, in bold: SEND ME YOUR MODIFIED DECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!111!one

Ahem, now for point two. As I’ve already made quite apparent, I’m not going to be doing a review of over Easter. That’s mostly on the part that I’ll be touring in Europe, doing a five day concert tour with the choir I’m involved with. Yeah, I know, it sounds great. And it will be great. But I also lose contact with any computer use during that time. So that means that community will suffer a minor loss while I’m gone. I really enjoy helping you guys, and I hate it when I’m unable to. But I’ll will be back in two weeks doing a review on Monday (hopefully) in two weeks with an Unlimited deck to look at.

And now, for the real thought…with this group I’m touring with, I’ve been exposed to who is now one o my favorite modern composers. That person is Eric Whitacre. If you get a chance, search the web for his name and try and listen to some the sound clips of his music (Its not like I would blatantly advertise his website at ericwhitacre [DOT] com now, would I? That would be wrong.). He has a way of capturing music perfectly and balancing it thusly. I’m currently performing “Lux Arumque” with the group I’m going with, but he has other (in my opinion) better works, such as “Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine” and “When David Heard…”. The guy has already accomplished so much in his short 15 odd years of being in the music industry. He won numerous awards, written for and been a clinician for many major university choirs and bands (he composes for both), and even written an opera (based loosely on Paradise Lost).

If you get a chance, wing around the Net to hear about him and check out all he’s done. Its quite astonishing.

Anyway, I still have some packing to do. Wish me luck in Europe.




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