--- Bob/Chris Wohlwend <wohlwend@apk.net> wrote:
> CJ;
> New mechanic, eh?  Congratulations!  Any advice for
> my deck, Riachar?
> Fire:
> 1 Fossil Magmar (Place holder for #4 Electabuzz)
> 3 Vulpix
> 2 Ninetales (I may want another)
> 3 Charmander
> 2 Charmeleon
> 1 Charizard (please don't take him out!)
> Electric:
> 3 Electabuzz
> 4 Jungle Pikachu
> 2 Riachu
> 1 Fossil Raichu
> Trainers:
> 2 Prof. Oak
> 4 Bill
> 3 Energy Retrieval
> 1 Super Energy Removal
> Energy:
> 15 Fire Energy
> 13 Electric Energy
> My strategy is:
> 1.  Hit hard with thunderpunch (Electabuzz), Spark
> (Pikachu), or Confuse
> ray (vulpix) while building up a Raichu or
> Ninetales.
> 2.  Stall with Lure/Agility until I get another
> powered-up final-form
> Pokemon.
> 3.  Unleash Thunder, Fire Spin and the others.
> 4.  Rarely does the opponent even draw two more
> prizes after I do
> that!;)
> My deck may not be the absolute best, but it is
> quite a lot of fun.
> A little energy concoction you may want to post:
> 1. Count up colored energy needed for attacks for 1
> type in your deck.
> Take into account all pokemon powers.  Don't count
> some basics.
> (Examples: 2 Pikachu, 1 Raichu. Only count 1 Pikachu
> + 1 Raichu.  3
> Squirtle, 2 Wartortle, 1 Blastiose. Only count 1
> Squirtle, 1 Wartortle,
> and 1 Blastiose.)
> 2. Count up the total colored energy for both types
> in the same way.
> 3. Divide colored energy needed for type 1 by total
> colored energy
> needed.
> 4. Multiply the resulting number by the amount of
> space you have
> reserved for energy.
> 5. Repeat for the other colors.
> It's a lot simpler than it looks.
> I would much like your analysis of my deck, could
> you maybe rate it?
> Thanx,
> Steve W.
> _______________________________
> Like my deck?  E-mail me at
> junior.apk.net/~wohlwend

RAICHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! *Thunderbolts Fire side of the

-Begin Data Feed-
  Bad Raichu!  Be nice...they're our guests.  Well, I
see you've met Sparks, my new pet Raichu.


  He doesn't like Charizard very much...but who can
blame him?  It's an energy hog, and is probably
literally worth its weight in gold.  Still, if you
insist on keeping him, we'll have to redo most of the
  We'll start with the electrics.  I like them,
especially the base Raichus.

Chu! *claps*

  Although the Fossil Raichu doesn't have a place
here, it requires too much Electric energy to be

RAI! *Thundershocks CJ*

  YOW!!!!  All right Sparks, I'll lay off the Raichus
for a while.  Now onto the fires...they need some
serious work.  Are you sure you want to keep Charizard
and company?  All right, if so, we'll have to ditch
Vulpix/Ninetales.  I know that they're part of your
stratagy, but they just take too much Fire energy to
be efficant, and Ninetales can be a discarding fool.
Replace them with the Ponyta/Rapidash.  I love
Ponyta/Rapidash, almost as much I love Pikachu/Raichu.

Raichu! *smiles*

  Ponyta/Rapidash works well because they both have
Colorless attacks.  An added bonus too is the fact
that Rapidash also has Agility.  The only reason
Raichu beats Rapidash is because of its better HP and
ability to take big nasties with Thunder. 
  For that one final touch, drop the one Magmar and
the SER for two Scyther, I LOVE these guys...

CHUUU! *Thunderbolts CJ*

 all-most as much as Raichu...grrr...well, they're
great in all areas, and their resistance to fighting
will protect your Electric Pokemon.  All right, that
is all I can do with this deck...it's now up to you to
perfect it.  I still say that Charizard should be
dropped for Ninetales as your major attacker, but it's
your call...

RAIIIIII!!! *Thunderbolts CJ for mentioning big,
orange, and grusome*

  I gotta get a rubber suit...

May the Force be with you...

-End Data Feed-
(If Chimpmunk can have an imaginary figure for comic
relief, why can't I? ^^;;)

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