--- lieu <lieu@linkonline.net> wrote:
> The idea behind this deck is to hit hard and fast
> with poison or haard hitting pokemon. I am thinking
> really hard on what i should replace my 4  potions
> with. i think it should be with more basic pokemon
> but i dont know which ones to put in.Can you help?>
> Energy 
> 18 Grass
> 4 Double Colorless
> Pokemon> 
> 4 scyther
> 2 pinscer
> 4 weedle
> 3 kakuna
> 2 beedril
> 2 tangela
> Trainers
> 4 Bill
> 4 Energy removal
> 4 plus power
> 2 Super Energy Removal
> 2 Pokemon Trader
> 2 Gust of Wind
> 4 Potions(really want to replace these with more
> pokemon. Please tell me what to put in.) 
> Email : Gamingpro1@hotmail.com>

-Begin Data Feed 
  All right...looks kinda solid, but a few things need
work.  First off, nowhere near enough Grass energy.
So, drop all four potions for Grass energy.
  Then, to help speed up the deck, drop two Plus
Powers for two Prof. Oaks.  That should give this deck
the added speed it needs to kick a little butt in

-End Data Feed-

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