--- PACOY99@aol.com wrote:> 4 gastley (fossil)> 3
haunter (fossil)
> 2 gangar (fossil)
> 2 mewtwo (Movie Promo)
> 4 electabuzz (base)
> 4 bill
> 4 potion
> 4 energy removal
> 4 gust of wind
> 3 super energy removal
> 2 professor oak
> 1 computer search
> 16 psychic energy
> 7 electric energy>

Begin Data Feed: 
  Very mean...I'd hate to see this baby at point blank
range.  Only needs a few tactical tweaks to be
dominant, although it could probably kick some butt
  First off...I REALLY think Scyther needs a place
here.  How better to fight a Hitmonchan or Machop than
with big, green, and gruesome?  Drop 3 Poitions for 3
Scythers.  Then drop the last Potion for another Prof.
Oak...only if you want, but I recommend it.  Then drop
a GOW and the CPU Search for 2 DCEs to get Scyther
charged faster and help pay for retreat costs.  If you
didn't ditch the last Potion for another Oak, get rid
of it for another DCE.
  That's all I have to say...it looks pretty good,
although I'd tinker with the energy ratio a little
bit...maybe 15/8, just to cover your bets, because
those ERs are gonna nail your Electric energies.

May the Force be with you...

End Data Feed.


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