Dear Pojo,
    I've had this deck for quite a while, and it's done pretty well, but
since the Jungle and Fossil have come out, it hasn't done as well.  I don't
have a ton of cards that I could put in there, for instance, I can't use four
Dragonites, and I want this deck to remain colorless.  So, if you wouldn't
mind, see what you can do to "spice it up" a bit.  Here it is:


Jigglypuff              x4
Wigglytuff              x2
Spearow             x4
Fearow                  x3
Clefairy                    x2
Clefable                x2
Farfetch'd              x2
Snorlax                 x2
Kangaskhan          x2


Potion                  x1
Gambler             x1
Bill                        x3
Proffesor Oak           x2
Super Energy Removal    x1


Random Basic Energys    x25
Double Colorless        x4


P.S. I know I haven't given you much to work with, but I am confident in your

    OK Emu,
    Keep the deck coloress this person says. It's an interesting request, concidering the fact I've never really seen a colorless deck played aginst me.
    I hope you like the way I'm gonna "spice it up." First loose 4 basic energy (29 is just way too much), Gambler (Too chancey to play. And besides, you have 3 Bills and 2 Oaks, plenty of Drawing ability), Potion, and both Snorlaxes and Kangaskhans (You don't need them). In their palce, add 4 Energy Removals, 1 SER, 2 more Farfetch'd, and 3 Plus Powers. These changes should add some nice offense to the deck.
    Bryan Howland, Deck Mechanic