Hey Bryan, glad to see you deck garage up and running again.

Here is my deck the CoinFlip Haymaker.This deck was basically made to be fun
and competitive without using cards that are hard to find.The basic strategy
is to get a good starter, Nidoran(M) or Eevee, then bring in Meowth ( Card
Drawing ), and finish them off with heavy hitters, Jynx and Fafetch'd.

    Ok, this seems original. A "Poor Man's" Haymaker.

Here is the deck...

4 Jynx
3 Farfetch'd
3 Nidoran(M)
3 Meowth
3 Eevee

15 Psychic Energy
10 Grass Energy

3 Professor Oak
3 Super Potion
4 Potion
4 Energy Removal
4 Bill

Please see if you can make this competitve.

    Ooookeeey. This should be interesting.

Thanks for having a look,

    Your Welcome Nate,
    I've seen some strange stuff come to me in the last few weeks. A "Poor Man's" Haymaker is a new one with me. This one threw so much of a loop that I needed to chat with a friend of mine at the college I attend for an assist. The first thing we noticed was the deck is 59 cards. I wouldn't worry about that right now. Between the two of us, we got that fixed.
    Now as to making it competitive. You already have some decent elements in here, all that's needed is to get a little more of an offensive punch. Here's what my friend & I came up with. Loose the Nidoran males,
Meowths, and all potions (supers included). Also take out 1 Bill, Oak, Jynx, and a Psychic Energy. That
should be 17 cards. Now as to the 18 (remember you were 1 card short to begin with), add 2 Abra, 1
Kadabra, and 3 of each: Oddish, Nidoran (female), Gust of Wind, Plus Power, and Energy Search.
    Meowth is an ok basic, but the draw effect has a 50% of working. Now the same could be said about
Eevee as well (since the effects on both attacks require a coin flip), but it can actually do something with
only one energy, Meowth can't. The change of genders on the Nidorans was necessary. The female side has a higher HP and you may actually do some damage instead of a 30 or nothing resolution. The addition of the
Abra/Kadabra line and Oddish gives the deck a little more in the adds of statis effects. All you need to do Nate is play a type of hit and switch with your pokemon or Gust of Wind an opponents benched pokemon and Plus Power yours for a finishing off move.
    I hope our suggestions help Nate,
        Bryan Howland, Deck Mechanic