This is my deck.  I have done well with it against most types of decks.  The
only deck that this deck seems weak against so far is a psychic/fighting
combo.  Any ideas how I can beef up or change some of my trainers/pokemon to
help combat this deck would be great.  My husband has that type of deck and
whenever we enter tournaments, I usually lose first place to him.


(a Pokemom that doesn't coach her kids when they play but enters the tournies herself!)

    At last! Someone who plays when they can that's my age or older!

Fossil Haymaker

3 Chansey (protection against psychic and to stall)
2 Scyther (awesome card, no retreat and colorless attack, resistance to
3 Electabuzz (good attack for 2 energies)
3 Hitmonchan (good fast attack)
2 Hitmonlee (hits bench which I love and has a heavy hit of 50, hate the HP

2 Oaks (fix a bad hand quick)
3 Scoop Up (really great since a lot of fossil have bench hitters!)
4 Bill (go through deck quick)
2 Super Energy Removal (slow down opponent)
3 Energy Removal (slow down opponent)
3 Plus Power (really annoying, makes 1 energy card worth 30 hit points!)
1 Energy Search (to find correct energy for Hitmonlee)
2 Gust of Wind (get those weak Pokemon!)

11 Electric Energy
12 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

My stradegy is to keep hitting the opponent while removing energy so they
can't attack or build their bench.

    Nice to meet you Joni,
    It's a rareity to meet another adult tournment player. Let's see what I can do to help you.
    For starters, every deck will run into problems with some kind of deck. Unfortunity, a Psy/Fight deck will
cause you problems because of the weaknesses that 'Chan, 'Lee, 'Buzz, and Chansey have respectfully.
    You seem to have a strong deck here as well. I think what might be able to help you is the ability to get
either a pokemon active that will have a resistance to your opponent's active pokemon or change the
opponent's active pokemon. I realize that seems kinda wordy, but here's what I would suggest. Remove 1
Chansey, all 3 Scoop Ups, 1 Bill, and 1 Double Colorless Energy. In their place, I would add a Scyther, a
Super and a normal Energy Removal, an Energy Search, and 2 Switches.
    The changing of Chansey to Scyther will give you a needed third Fighting resistance and it's free retreat is a
nice added bonus. I also increased the energy loss capability of the deck to assist in keeping the pokemon
your weak to in their place. Now why the loss of the Scoop Ups? I will admit it is a nice card. The ability to
basicly 'reset' any one of your pokemon is a nice advantage with minimal energy loss. A Haymaker by it's nature though is very offensive and relatively fast. The Switches and the second Energy Search should help bring to your opponent's active a damaged pokemon or one that is weak to your pokemon.
    I hope this helps Joni.
    Bryan Howland, Deck Mechanic